Cruises for Every Budget: Now’s the Time

Cruising provides another option for Alaskan vacationers

Cruising provides another option for Alaskan vacationers

Holy buffet line, Batman! Cruise lines, in an effort to attract passengers during tough economic times, are offering whopping good deals on cruises beginning in May.

Even if you think you are not a “cruise” type of person, fearing you’ll be innundated by cheesy cruise directors, philosophical bartenders, or grumpy older passengers, you might change your mind once you see just how affordable and option-laden cruising has become.

Princess Cruises, probably the most recognized cruise line in the world, has incredible offers during May and September (those ‘shoulder seasons’ we mentioned in an earlier post) to woo everybody from single travelers to the lagest of families.

A seven-day cruise either northbound from Vancouver, or southbound from Whittier (near Anchorage) can be secured for $399 if you travel in May. That’s cheaper than getting the fam on an airplane and flying up here, and a lot more fun when you consider the hassles many families encounter when trying to load and unload kids and gear at the TSA line. That price only goes up to $499 if travel is completed in September.

Wondering if kids will enjoy a cruise? Wonder no more, because these days most cruise lines will provide plenty of activities to keep kids on the move and appropriately exhausted at the end of the day. Everything from arts and crafts to nature talks to teen dinner nights give kids their own programs and hopefully ward off the “I’m bored” whine.

The good folks at Alaska Tour and Travel have been arranging tours to and from Alaska for years, and they can help arrange extravagant or simple trips for just about everybody who wants to experience the wild beauty of Alaska. Check their Alaska Tour and Travel and click ‘Cruise Finder’ to tailor a trip towards your family’s interests and the length of time you wish to travel.

I’m thinking this might not be a bad deal to explore if you would like to see some of Alaska without packing and unpacking every night. Kids, especially, appreciate some consistency when vacationing, and cruises seem to hit that nail on the head.

Has anybody out there experienced a cruise in Alaska with the kiddos? Want to share? Let us know!

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