Credit Union 1 Offers Auto Loan Security for Families

A good vehicle means great family adventures. Erin Kirkland/AKontheGO

The following is an advertisement paid for by Credit Union 1 Alaska.

Alaska has a mere 5,000 miles of paved roadway in the entire state, and who knows how many more in the form of dirt/mud/rock surfaces. If you’ve ever taken it to the streets of the Last Frontier, you know well the forces of nature that sometimes delay, or even cancel a road trip with your family. We’ve been stopped by summer construction (you do know that is a season, right?), held up by caribou, and one summer were delayed by a gang of rock climbers near Denali National Park who were roped up and scrubbing loose rocks from a cliff so that they wouldn’t fall onto the Parks Highway. Oh, the things you see in Alaska. 

The last thing I want to worry about is my vehicle. Safe, reliable transportation is as important to Alaskans as our homes. We need them for work and play, and when they wear out, or in our case, when a child reaches (gulp) driving age, we need a new one. So we’re engaging the good folks at Credit Union 1 to help. 

The AKontheGO VW Jetta Wagon (GTNTAG-mobile for you who know and love us) is old now, the recipient of miles and miles of adventure. Its still peppy, still full of Volkswagen personality, but nearing sunset on the horizon. Thus, it will be the perfect car for AK Teen, who can get a drivers’ permit next fall (how does this happen so quickly?). AK Dad and I? Well, we’ll be shopping around soon. 

Credit Union 1’s Auto Loan program is perfect for families like ours who are both concerned and excited about buying a new car. Or, more realistically, a new-to-us car; but CU1 can help with used vehicle loans, too.  And with low interest rates, it is easier than ever to get behind the wheel of a vehicle we feel good about driving. 


  • Affordable monthly payments tailored to fit your budget and lifestyle. I used the loan calculator to realistically see what I can afford with what amount of downpayment. 
  • Opportunities to lower a loan interest rate 
  • Mechanical Breakdown Protection and Guaranteed Asset Protection to keep cars running better, longer. 
  • Refinancing from other institutions (now is a great time to start asking questions!) 
  • A comprehensive One For All Rewards program that earns you points for additional savings.

Before you meet up with a dealership, or that online ad platform, make tracks to a Credit Union 1 branch, or apply online. Assistance is nearby, any time. 


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