“Countdown to Christmas” Continues…and Other Fun Stuff

Happy Monday! I am glad to say I am feeling fairly humanoid this morning after a week battling an influenza-type bug that put this AK Mom down. Whew, just in time for things to warm up, I’m back. A good thing, too, because AKontheGO is in the second week of our Countdown to Christmas fun, Alaska Airlines is on their last day of Hot Deals on Ice, and by golly, I’m sure you haven’t had a chance to go shopping for the kids yet, have you?

First, though, on to our December 6 Countdown to Christmas idea: Stop by REI and grab one of their uber-fun  ‘Kids Adventure Journals’ and send the young ones outside to do a little wintertime exploring of their  environment. These little orange books are pure gold in our book, ever since Mike Morgansen of REI and I discovered  they were very handy for 4-season fun with kids. Just give them a pencil and send ’em on their way. REI keeps the  books in the hallway near their store elevator, behind Customer Service. If you don’t see any on the rack, ask the folks  at Customer Service to call Mike; he has more. Of course, you can always email us at togoak@gmail.com and ask  us; we have a little stash, too.

Speaking of REI, I found the coolest little travel game for AK Kid’s Christmas stocking. Called “Camp, Travel  Edition” the game is all about the 50 states, with a nature and outdoor theme throughout. The gist is to help your  family get back to Camp by answering trivia questions and overcoming obstacles. Suitable for ages 4-up, Camp  Travel Edition is a smaller version of the full-size board game of the same name (also at REI). Since we’re always  looking for new additions to Family Game Night, especially while staying in tents or cabins, this looks to fit the bill  nicely. Plus, the little wooden box it comes in is adorable. REI’s games, toys, and such are located on the first floor  near books, bikes, and dog gear.

Alert! Today is the last day to purchase tickets on Alaska Airlines for their Hot Deals on Ice! Fares as low as $75 to Fairbanks had us scrambling last night around 10 p.m. to purchase ours for a trip to the World Ice Art Championships, going on February 22-March 20. Other deals are $200 to Honolulu, $250 to Chicago, so don’t delay. Must get them today. Find out more at the Alaska Airlines site above.

Don’t forget to stop by KTUU television’s travel web site, GoToAK.com for a nifty post expanding on the idea of cutting down your own Christmas tree. We have a bit more info and those helpful phone numbers and web sites to be sure you have all the details.

Finally, mark TuesdayDecember 21 on your calendar! Scott McMurren, my co-host on the Alaska Travelgram Show and I will be hosting a special Christmas Edition of the show, giving away goodies right and left. We have Zoo Lights passes, Great Alaska TourSaver books, and more. It’s gonna be fun.

Enjoy your Monday, and don’t forget to take a little time out for yourself this week. Kids will be out of school soon and you’ll wish you had!

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