Celebrate Poetry Month With Alaska-Themed Prizes!

As a writer, I love to investigate the flow of words, most especially poetry. That some people possess the ability to weave words together to create sweetly-flowing music to the ears is most incredible, so perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that our friends at Sasquatch Books in Seattle sent me a lovely book of children’s poetry to review, just in time for National Poetry Month. 

Sea Star Wishes, by Eric Ode, a much-loved Pacific Northwest entertainer, wrote the words. Artist Erik Brooks provided the pastel-washed illustrations against a natural background; warm, welcoming, sort of like a fleece blanket of prose, perfect for bedtime reading.

Gulls soar.

Grasses Bend.

Waves roar; 

they rise

and fall

and thunder.

And all say, 




Gorgeous, isn’t it? AK Kid likes me to read these poems aloud so he can worry less about pronounciation and focus more on images derived from the simple words. Brooks’ whimsy is evident in the illustrations, too; some pages feature creatures like a sea lion wearing a crown, a gleefully squirting geoduck, and a smiling eel. Nicely balanced and perfectly executed, Sea Star Wishes is a delight to read. While the poems themselves might be difficult for kids under preschool age, the combination of word and image makes a great fit for younger school-aged kids who are just beginning their own journey through wishes and dreams and learning about the world around them.

Would you like to have this beautiful book for your very own? AKontheGO will give it away Friday afternoon, April 5, as part our multi-layered quest to honor National Poetry Month.

Here’s what you need to do: 

1. Go to our Facebook page and give AKontheGO a hearty “Like” if you haven’t, already.

2. Post on our wall your favorite coastal creature. It can be large, like that sea lion, or it can be tiny, like a barnacle. Whatever you choose, just tell us why you like him/her/it. You MUST leave a comment –  those who tag others without commenting, or simply like the page, will not be eligible to win (boo).

3. AK Kid will put on his rain boots and hat, and draw a winner no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, April 5, 2013.

4. Have fun! Share with your friends, and enjoy poetry with your family. Perhaps it will inspire you to visit your nearest coastline someday soon.

One more thing – author Eric Ode will be at the Anchorage Barnes and Noble store on Saturday, April 20, from 1-3 p.m. Why not have him autograph this beautiful book?

This is just the beginning, folks. There’s more poetry-travel-themed fun, just around the corner.


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