Fun Friday in Alaska: Celebrate Mother Earth and Her Children

I cannot think of a better way to celebrate childhood than through a simultaneous celebration of the earth. Certainly we would not have one without the other, and this weekend is a perfect reminder of the importance of each. Welcome to Fun Friday, AKontheGO’s weekly digest of family-friendly activities around Alaska, proudly sponsored by Alaska […]

Fun Friday for April 13: A Lucky Day of Alaska Family Fun

I prefer to remain positive about days like Friday the 13th. Who could think anything otherwise with such glorious sunshine outside, and temperatures warming into the low 50’s? It’s Fun Friday once again, and AKontheGO has some lovely ideas for getting the fam outside this weekend, plus a special event honoring our veterans. Fun Friday […]

Easter Weekend in Alaska: Fun Friday Starts Now

Fun Friday will actually start right after I finish putting my soaking wet running clothes in the dryer, and after I wipe up a multitude of muddy dog prints that are creating a very unique pattern across my white tile floor. Ahhh, spring snowstorms in Alaska, we gotta love them, especially when they appear on […]

Welcome to Fun Friday at AKontheGO!

Whew, are we ever glad to see Friday pop up like a spring crocus. Such a week! Between chipping away six inches of ice from my driveway and encouraging water running from my gutters to flow away from the house and not into the baasement, I’m pooped. I’m also ready for a little family fun; […]

Big Wild Life Podcast: Alaska Travelgram Show Welcomes Visit Anchorage

We do heart our Big, Wild, Life here in Anchorage, so welcoming Julie Saupe, President and CEO of Visit Anchorage was easy! Give a listen HERE  for the podcast from our final Tuesday show, and do mark your calendars for our new day and time, beginning Saturday, April 7, at High Noon. If you haven’t […]

Yahoo, MatSu! Alaska’s Matanuska-Susitna Valley Worth a Stop

Welcome to Travel Tuesday and another stop along the beautiful byways of Alaska. In honor of our Alaska Travelgram Show guest, Casey Ressler from the MatSu Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, we’re going to sing a few praises for this huge region of outdoor recreation just north of Anchorage. I’ll admit it <raising hand>, I have […]

Fun Friday: Rondy, Jr. Iditarod, and More!

It’s an active weekend, AKontheGO’ers, with wintertime fun busting out all over. Beginning today, events center around a last hurrah to cold and dark, as the days begin to edge ever-closer to spring. We’re not quite there, not yet, but at least we can see signs of its impending arrival. One such event is the […]

AKontheGO Fun Friday Roundup for February 17-20

It is going to be a GREAT weekend! I know this for several reasons. One, it’s light out past 6 p.m., and as any winter-weary Alaskan can tell you, that alone is cause for happy dancing in the slush-covered streets. Two, the lineup of special events happening in Alaska this weekend is simply incredible. Three, […]

Fun Friday: AKontheGO’s Weekly Alaska Roundup

It’s going to be a fast and furious Fun Friday roundup, folks, because here at AK Hacienda, just in time for our first weekend back in Alaska – we have a lovely bout of strep taking up residence in AK Kid. Poor darling, he so wanted to go to school today. Begged me, even. Why? […]

Fun Friday! Sled Dogs, Snowshoes, and Science for Alaska Families

Aloha! AK Fam is winding up 10 days of Island Paradise. Dare I say – I am homesick for my wintery wonderland of Alaska? All reports of warming temperatures and falling snow make for perfect family fun this weekend, and we’ve got it right here, not to mention a little bit of Hawai’i to make […]

AKontheGO’s Fun Friday Alert! Tubing, Snowshoeing, and More

It may be a frigid -15 in Anchorage this morning, but by golly, the outdoor family fun around Alaska continues, even up in Fairbanks, where my pals report temperatures as low as -45F. Yikes! Go to it, AKontheGO’ers, let’s show the world what we’re made of…Bring on Fun Friday, proudly sponsored by Alaska Center for […]