Alaska Travelgram Podcast: Alaska Alpine Adventures, AKontheGO, and Airfare Deals!

It was great to be back in the virtual studio yesterday with my co-host in travel, Scott McMurren and our sound engineer extrordinaire, Kirby Kauffman. A special treat was recording live and on-site at Kaladi Brothers Coffee on Centerpoint Drive in midtown Anchorage. The perfect spot for a meeting (or podcast recording, for that matter), Kaladi’s […]

Fun Friday: What’s a Dad To Do in Alaska? Everything!

We love AK Dad. He’s warm, fuzzy, and a ton of fun to have along when traveling. The best thing about AK Dad, though, is a truly authentic, utterly adorable love for his boys. It’s not easy, sometimes, with one son lurking on the fringe of adulthood in a state far, far, away, and another […]

Family Fun Friday in Alaska, and a Travelgram Podcast

Summer travel in Alaska is heating up, AKontheGO’ers! The cruise ships are in, tours are starting, and everywhere, Alaska is in bloom with tons of activities; the perfect time for a website launch, wouldn’t you say? That’s right, only 21 days until AKontheGO sports a new look, and you’re invited to watch it all happen […]

Alaska’s First Fun Friday of June: Get it While it’s Hot (or Not)

I was hoping with all my heart to be writing today’s Fun Friday post in my shorts and flip flops, wearing sunglasses. Alas, the First of June has arrived in Alaska with clouds and rather chilly temperatures. So chilly, in fact, that last night at my informative and fun Women’s Flyfishing class with the famous Pudge […]

Fun Friday in the Far North: Memorial Weekend for Alaska

Even though summer seems to be missing in action today, Alaska’s communities are gearing up for Memorial weekend and the many activities signaling an arrival of longer days, warmer weather, and tons of visitors. AK Fam is happy to jump right in, of course, and I’ve kicked things off with a short visit to the […]

Sum-Sum-Summertime in Alaska: Fun Friday Starts Now!

AK Dad and I are celebrating the last day of school in San Diego (aren’t we naughty, missing AK Kid’s departure from first grade?), attending commissioning ceremonies for the U.S.S. San Diego, in preparation for Anchorage’s own ship commissioning of the U.S.S. Anchorage in 2013. It’s a pretty special opportunity, my friends, and you’ll be […]

Happy Mother’s Day From AKontheGO!

Here’s to all those engaged in the role of mothering. May this Sunday be memorable, full of delightful discoveries and utter joy. As a tribute to my own mom, here are two stories for Kids These Days! Radio, one posted last year, and the second posted just a few days ago. Read about our family […]

Hey, Mom: This Alaska Fun Friday is Just For You!

I’m quite tickled that so many Alaska family attractions and events are touting their status as “FREE” this weekend. It must be the budget-consciousness of mothers to appreciate the value of FREE. I love FREE. AKontheGO’s Fun Friday post is a little late today because I just walked in the door from a lovely getaway […]

*Extra* Alaska Travelgram Podcast With CIRI Alaska Tourism

It was indeed a “whale of a time” when the Alaska Travelgram Team invited Dee Buchanan of CIRI Alaska Tourism to the weekly podcast party. Covering the wonderful dining options available at CIRI’s Talkeetna Alaska Lodge, Seward Windsong Lodge, and beautiful Fox Island, then chatting about my wild day aboard the Kenai Fjords Tour catamaran […]

It’s an Alaska Fun Friday: May the Fourth Be With You!

Just a little humor to begin the weekend. It is indeed the Fourth of May, and another Alaska weekend of family fun is at our fingertips. So much is happening around southcentral Alaska this weekend, I hardly know where to begin. Thanks as always to Alaska Center for Pediatrics, our Fun Friday sponsor, caring for […]

An Alaska Fun Friday: What a Wonderful World

Hummmm, hummmmm. Hear that? It’s the sound of a peaceful, content Alaska parent; me. I get this way each spring when the lawn becomes more than a grayish pile of snowy rubbish, and robins wake me up in the morning instead an alarm clock. Yes, I do love springtime in Alaska. In true 49th state […]