AKontheGO Brings a New Look For Winter

Regular AKontheGO readers may have noticed a few changes to the website’s format. Every few years, Web Guy and I get together and talk about freshening up the layout, and considering ways to make your AKontheGO experience more informative, a little brighter, and a whole lot more fun. So here’s what we’ve come up with […]

Facebook Plays Games With AKontheGO: Standing by…

Good morning, AKontheGO friends and followers: For those of you attempting to glean information from us via Facebook, I must profoundly apologize. It seems the Book of Faces is experiencing technical difficulties with the AKontheGO page, as nothing is there. At least, not when I look for it. You may be able to see it, […]

Mother’s Day and Doing the Right Thing, Even When It’s Difficult

This essay originally appeared in Alaska Magazine last year. In honor of Mother’s Day, and mothers in general, it is my gift to strong women everywhere (human or otherwise) who sometimes need to do really, really hard things for the sake of their children.   “My Alaska Adventure” (Alaska Magazine, April 2013) I shared breathing […]

Alaska Communications Keeps Families Connected to Fairbanks Fun

(sponsored) AKontheGO’ers know how much I rely upon my smartphone. It’s a tool of the travel trade that simply can’t let me down, especially in Alaska where I’m here, there, and everywhere in the best interest of future family travelers. A few years ago, Alaska Communications and AKontheGO began a partnership that has been a […]

It Takes a Village: Alaska small towns you won’t want to miss

I subscribe to the philosophy that small town life can be healthy for kids. Free-range mobility, a sense of community, and that “everyone is watching out for me” sort of security feels pure and good, at least to me. In Alaska, small towns are more the norm than the exception, and in the case of […]

Alaska Heritage Tours: Personal attention for a custom family vacation

I meet hundreds of Alaska visitors each year, and most have successfully navigated the internet-based jungle of trip reviews, social media sites, and personal recommendations from friends or family about what to see in the Last Frontier. But just as no family vacation is one-size-fits-all, neither is Alaska. Enter the arranged tour, and one company […]

Getting ‘Frozen’ in Alaska With the Kids: Best places to find snow and ice

Did you hear there’s a new movie that features our favorite frozen material? If you have kids, you’ve undoubtedly been badgered to attend a showing of Disney’s epic tale of love and life in the snow. And, as often happens when a film depicts someplace romantically mysterious and highly adventurous, I’m betting my mukluks Alaska […]

Alaska Wildlife: Four great places for winter critter viewing with kids

Cool Fact: Not all Alaskan animals hibernate during our long, cold winters. Bigger Cool Fact: Winter can be one of the best seasons for viewing critters, especially with kids. Alaska’s wild animals possess an amazing ability to survive and thrive in an often harsh environment where food can be scarce September through May. Taking advantage […]

Providing Kids a Sense of Place: AK Mom goes home to Montana

The scent of ponderosa pine and drying hay greeted my nose with a shocking revelation of familiarity as I climbed out of my parents’ car. Memories became a flood of both sorrow and joy as I planted my feet upon pastureland that had been such a part of my childhood years; if given more time, […]

Alaska RV Travel Made (more) Simple for Families PART I

Alaska’s open roads are a siren song for many 49th state travelers. Scenery, wildlife, and abundant recreation upon a whim – it’s all there, without a tour bus in sight. Dad at the wheel, mom operating the GPS and snapping casually-orchestrated Facebook photos of the kids teetering on the edge of a glacial moraine or […]