Pursuit Alaska Collection Event Celebrates Artist Rockwell Kent

Pursuit Alaska Collection is offering a weekend of events to commemorate 100 years since artist Rockwell Kent landed on Fox Island near Seward. Images courtesy Kenai Fjords Tours unless otherwise specified. ~ Sponsored content When Rockwell Kent II (1882-1971) arrived in Alaska aboard the steamship Admiral Farragut in August of 1918, he came with a […]

Alaska Restaurants for Picky Kids

What’s the story AK Kid? You live in Alaska, home of sustainable seafood, the freshest there is, and I can’t even get you to try a halibut nugget? And don’t get me started on the whole aversion-to-Yukon-Gold-potatoes debacle. Traveling with kids who shun new foods, foods with unusual textures, colors, or levels of palatability can […]

Alaska Restaurants Worth Visiting: Diversity reigns, here

Alaska restaurants are often a mishmash of several genres; heck, I just saw the sign for a new establishment opening in Anchorage that offers “Chinese and Mexican” cuisine. Whoa. Stop me right there. Truly, Alaska loves comfortable food, be it pho or burritos or barbequed beef, restaurants serving warm, zesty, and familiar dishes often win […]

Fur Rendezvous and Alaska’s Love Affair With Winter

It’s true, Alaskans do love winter. A good thing, too, since winter around here lasts anywhere from seven to nine months. Oh, we embrace summertime with the enthusiasm of a long lost love, to be sure, but there’s something about this frosty, sparkling-white season that brings out the best in 49th state residents. Like Fur […]

CIRI Alaska Tourism Shows Off A Beautiful World

Navigating the many options for Alaska day cruises, tours, and multi-itinerary experiences can be confusing. Knowing where, when, and how to approach this popular avenue of 49th state tourism is as important to one’s family as it is to one’s wallet. With day cruises in running the gamut of 2-9 hour excursions into wildlife and […]

Monday Morning News: Packs, Places, and Perks

Welcome to Monday, AKontheGO’ers. It was another busy weekend of activity around Alaska, and the work week looks no different. A huge thank you to those who attended our presentation at Eagle River Nature Center on Saturday; we know you had other options for your weekend, and we’re thankful you chose to spend part of […]

We’re ‘Roadies’ Now: Spenard Roadhouse an AK Fam Favorite

AK Fam had fallen into a rut in the road, if you will. We, like so many other families, had become so used to eating at our same few favorite restaurants that we surely had worn a path from our home in East Anchorage. “The Usual“, despite being excellent in the realm of AK Fam’s criteria for […]

Terra Bella Combines Organic With Fantastic

I’m sure not alone with  my desire to find quality coffee houses that embrace the presence of my child as well as me. Anchorage seems to have a coffee shack on every corner in town, but only a handful of sit-down cafes that welcome kids of any age to sip a cocoa, yak the afternoon […]

Come to the Village (Inn)

What kid doesn’t like to go out to breakfast, especially while on vacation? That’s half the fun of going someplace; eating out and garnering all sorts of attention. AK Fam decided this morning to give into our youngest child’s pleading for chocolate-chip pancakes and drove into Midtown Anchorage for one of the best breakfast spots […]

Fairbanks and Food: Family-Fabulous

I thought we could not improve upon our initial dinner at Silver Gulch, and perhaps from the perspective of uptown, modern cuisine, we did not. But since AK Fam is indeed a family with a small and often-picky young son, most of our meals need to be eaten at establishments that cater to child-sized palates […]