An Alaskan Father Knew Best

Happy Father’s Day, dear AKontheGO’ers. Normally I stay away from my laptop on Sunday, but today is special. Below is my latest post for Kids These Days, a statewide radio program sharing joys and challenges of parenting in the 49th state. This week, I reflect upon a healing, love, and fatherhood. “It is a wise […]

Alaska Travelgram Show Podcast: Talkeetna, San Diego, and Ocean Sounds!

Another Alaska Travelgram Show podcast is up and ready for your ears, intrepid AKontheGO’ers. Listen in right HERE for dramatic waves, soaring sea birds, and oh, Scott McMurren and me, too. In this edition of the show, I reflect upon the incredible commissioning of the USS San Diego last weekend, in preparation for the same […]

Fun Friday! Sled Dogs, Snowshoes, and Science for Alaska Families

Aloha! AK Fam is winding up 10 days of Island Paradise. Dare I say – I am homesick for my wintery wonderland of Alaska? All reports of warming temperatures and falling snow make for perfect family fun this weekend, and we’ve got it right here, not to mention a little bit of Hawai’i to make […]

Alaska to Hawaii: AK Fam’s Study in Contrast

Squinting in the early afternoon sun, AK Kid peered through the window of our bright red Jeep at the glittering shoreline. The dereliction of our parental duty became obvious soon after as he tapped me on the shoulder and asked, “That’s not snow, right?” Oops. Guess we’ve been in the 49th state a little too […]

Aloha, Alaska! A Tropical Fun Friday From AKontheGO

Tropical greetings from the lush, humid, and oh-so-incredibly-warm island of Oahu! This was our breakfast this morning; famous Hawaiian sweet bread, fresh fruit, and Kona coffee. Delish! We now return you to your regularly schedule Alaska-themed Fun Friday, with many wonderful opportunities to hop outside and enjoy wintertime with your kids. I’ve been innundated with […]

The Wonderful World of Disney, 32 Years Later

I know a small but emphatic group of people who refuse to even consider indulging their children with a family vacation to Disneyland. “It’s too expensive and too commercial,” they say, and I respect their fortitude in this era of “buy-me-this-get-me-that”. Especially since we all live in Alaska, a place where Mother Nature provides her […]

Blue By You and A Small World, After All

It’s 10 p.m., and my six year-old son has fallen asleep sideways on his sofa bed in our Disneyland Hotel suite. He’s been up since 4 a.m. Alaska time after a flight from Anchorage to Long Beach courtesy of jetBlue’s summertime service to the 49th state. AK Fam is exhausted, but in the most delightful […]

Jet Blue Arrives in the North!

Wait, I can almost see it from here; a pretty white plane with a blue tail waving madly from the sky. Today is the day jetBlue arrives in Alaska and adds itself to the list of carriers willing to transport people and goods to and from the 49th state. AK Fam is packed and ready […]

We’re Ready for JetBlue and the Magic Kingdom, But We Need YOU!

It’s nearly here, AKontheGO’ers. May 23, when the pretty white planes with blue tails arrive and set Anchorage on fire with great deals to points south. JetBlue was kind enough to offer AK Fam a few seats, and away we’ll go on that inaugural flight, headed to Long Beach, CA. As we’ve mentioned on the […]

Wild Wednesday and a Travelgram Show Recap

This morning I’m sitting in full view of the gorgeous Willamette River, watching ducks and geese and the occasional osprey make the most of this gorgeous morning. AK Fam decided late last night that we needed to make a trip to Hood River, about 80 miles east of Portland along the mighty Columbia River. The […]

Soar High at Seattle’s Museum of Flight

Funny, isn’t it, how we grow up someplace and only rarely visit the major attractions? Seattle’s Museum of Flight is a perfect example. The site of many a school field trip during my younger years (mostly because the majority of my schoolmates’ fathers worked at next-door Boeing), the Museum somehow managed to fade from my […]