Memorial Day in Alaska: Family experiences to share

“How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!” ~ Maya Angelou Each spring AKontheGO takes a personal time-out to remember men and women who gave their lives for the United States of America; however, where ever, and whenever we’re able. Memorial Day 2014 takes place on Monday, May 26, […]

Anchorage Museum and a Plastic Ocean

Trash large and small makes up the Anchorage Museum’s newest exhibit, but not just any sort of trash. “Gyre: The Plastic Ocean” opens tonight as a global storyboard of oceanic debris, with a lesson attached. In the summer of 2013, an international expedition launched to explore the swirling vortex of plastic junk around the northern pacific […]

Fairbanks Children’s Museum: Imagination comes alive through play

It’s hard not to get caught up in squeals of discovery at Fairbanks Children’s Museum. Every second, it seems, is filled with a shout or giggle or exclamation from a young person, and that makes Brenda Riley very, very happy. Riley, executive director of the museum and a lifelong Alaskan, knows the value of dedicated […]

Alaska’s Statehood: We’re In! Learning more about what made us 49th

Happy birthday, Alaska! On January 3, 1959, the Last Frontier became the 49th state, and oh, what a party it was.  Visitors to Alaska should never miss an opportunity to learn more about what made us #49, how, and why. It took hard work and passionate teamwork to bring Alaska to statehood, and we’re fortunate […]

Anchorage Museum Presents “The Dena’ina Way of Living”

“See this, right here; this is back home.” The most powerful statement of the day came within seconds of entering the Anchorage Museum’s newest exhibition, and it didn’t come from a curator, program director, or the facility’s community relations staff. Instead, it came from a mother, speaking to her fifth-grader, sharing on a map the location […]

Alaska Museums With Kid-Appeal – Small and sweet

We’re a funky place, there’s no doubt about it. Between Alaska’s animals, diverse cultures, and wild weather, the state remains a mystery in the minds of many visitors. Thank goodness for museums like the three I chose, below; little places, fun and kitchy buildings, full of history I bet you never even considered. I know […]

Flying Alaska: Great places to connect kids and planes

Flying is so much a part of Alaska folklore that one can hardly visit and not be caught up in the legends and individuals who blazed a trail across the skies in the name of Last Frontier transportation and industry. While flying in a commercial sense today means merely boarding a glorified bus and jetting […]

Teens Explore Alaska’s Aviation History at Anchorage Museum

AKontheGO intern Isabella recently visited the Anchorage Museum’s hottest exhibit, Arctic Flight: A Century of Alaska Aviation. Below are her impressions and recommendations for other teen travelers.  Aviation is an integral part of Alaska’s culture, dramatically affecting the state over the past century. From humble beginnings in 1913— the first flight in Fairbanks was a […]

*EXTRA* Body Worlds Vital at Anchorage Museum – For Parents

Today the Anchorage Museum opened their newest exhibit to members of the media. Body Worlds Vital will be on display September 28, 2012 through January 6, 2013, with the hope of educating, inspiring, and connecting people to the greatest machine in the world – themselves. As promised, below are my impressions from an hour of […]

Fall in Alaska Means Kid-Friendly Fun

While this weekend typically marks an end to another Alaska summer, plenty of family-friendly options remain for children and parents to explore, indoors and out. Whether vacationing in Alaska, or simply searching for a way to keep kids active, many attractions throughout the state are keeping their doors open for a little fall fun. Best […]

Body Worlds Vital Debuts at Anchorage Museum September 28: What Parents Should Know

Bodies; we all have ‘em, live in them, and treat them with varying levels of respect. Temples or trials, being human means residing within a framework of bone and sinew, the likes of which we can only begin to understand. Behold Body Worlds Vital, the newest exhibit at the Anchorage Museum, due to be unveiled September […]