Fun Friday: This Weekend’s All For Kids!

Kids’ Day. That’s pretty much our language today. “When is Kids’ Day?!” Yes, parents of Anchorage-area kids: Tomorrow is indeed Kids’ Day, and we’ve got you covered with the wherefores and how-come’s right here at AKontheGO Fun Friday, proudly sponsored by Alaska Center for Pediatrics. SATURDAY: Kids’ Day is our top family activity for Saturday, since […]

Monday Morning Newsflash: Got ‘Free’?

Monday, Monday, how did you get here so quickly? Must be all that daylight outside. A mish-mash of useful information is what we have today, starting with some incredible deals AK Fam found this weekend at our favorite outdoor recreation store, REI, dressing me since I was but a baby in my father’s funky blue […]

Furry Fun Friday! Rondy Kicks Into High Gear

It’s here, it’s here; the 76th year of providing relief from winter doldrums in the form of a crazy, fun-filled week of Fur Rendezvous fantabulous-ness! Fun Friday today will provide you our fav events for this weekend, and be sure to stay tuned throughout the following week, too, since so many AKontheGO’ers have provided us […]

Little Hill Means Big Fun for Military Families

It’s never easy to move from one place to another, AK Fam knows. Pulling up roots, however temporary, is painful, and for kids it can be doubly so. Just ask AK Dad. The product of a Navy and Red Cross Field Manager father, he was transported from one state or foreign country so often during […]

Bureau of Land Management Offers Families Winter Fun

Alaska is full of remote recreational opportunities to tantalize the Into the Wild-child in all of us. That’s why many people visit the 49th state; to enter the woods, tundra, or ocean with an intimacy not found in most of the Lower 48. Heck, that’s how most of Alaska’s non-native population got here in the […]

Indoor Fun and a Dose of Natural History Awaits Your Family in Mountain View

Tucked away in an old warehouse on Bragaw Street in northeast Anchorage sits an example of just how successful a museum can be. Not just successful, mind you, but integral to the growth of this oft-struggling neighborhood. The Alaska Museum of Natural History is one of the best spots in town to experience Alaska’s natural […]

Skedaddle-Do and Trekkers, Too. Hiking Options for Visitors With Small Children

We hear it all the time. “I’d like to get outdoors more when I visit Alaska, but without knowing exactly where to go with my young kids, I’m not too confident.” Add fears about wildlife and/or weather, and many visitors to the 49th state simply don’t take advantage of the incredible trail systems right here […]

Fun Happenings at Native Heritage Center on Monday

A hot tip for parents looking for something to do on Monday, August 2. The wonderful Alaska Native Heritage Center  is hosting any and all children at Kids’ Day, all day. Any kiddo age 18 or younger gets in FREE at the Center, located at the north end of Muldoon Road, near Bartlett High School. […]

Fun Friday: Good Day, Sunshine!

Well blow me down, there’s sun out there this morning. Thank goodness. I’m not sure I could have survived another day of gloom.  I picked up the Harrison family, aka the Pedouins (like Bedouin) yesterday in Whittier, and I think it was the stormiest drive ever through Portage Valley. The AKontheGO truckster was shaking and […]

‘Dream a Dream’ with Musher Vern Halter

A dedicated AKontheGO’er recently shared with us her impressions of visiting Iditarod musher Vern Halter’s working sled dog compound just outside Houston, and I’m thinking this could be the next hot AK Fam fun tour. Dream a Dream Dog Farm, operated by Halter and his wife, Susan, have had their multi-faceted facility since 1998, and […]


All the extended family has arrived in Alaska for their introduction to summer in the 49th State. Why yes, it is still raining, but in the spirit of walking my talk as far as outdoor adventures go, I’m bundling up, wrapping people in rainsuits and rubber boots, and heading out. Fortunately for all of us, […]