People of My Year: Alaska Superstars

For several years I’ve followed a traditional year-end path of The List. You know The List – every news outlet has one, it seems. From bloggers to public television, ranking memorable places and events is popular, even in Alaska. With 2014 slowly breaking from behind an ever-brightening winter landscape, I thought I’d take a different […]

Family Travel Blogs: They like us, they really, really like us!

Back in 2008, when I first considered jumping into an often tumultuous water of family travel blogs, the internet was awash with citizen journalists who wanted the world to know what, where, and how they managed to travel with kids. Big families, small families, non-traditional families, and everything in between – through the past six […]

Alaska Beaches: Where to find the sand and surf for your kids

Sun, sand, and surf – in Alaska? True enough, friends, the 49th state has a bunch of family-friendly beaches just waiting for your kids. Sandcastles, waves to jump, and rocks to explore; Alaska’s beaches are full of interesting creatures and engaging shorelines appropriate for the entire clan. Whether your family loves tidepooling or the feel […]

Father’s Day Means Family Time for AKontheGO

Nothing excites AK Kid more than an outing with his dad. Just the two of them, geared-up and ready for adventures not always understood by me. It’s probably best that way, since the little I have heard is enough to make me squawk “You went where?!” I’m also convinced my husband is Partydad when it […]

Facing Fear, Together: Mothers do it all in Alaska

Note: I wrote this piece for the May issue of Alaska Coast magazine, believing that, like a lot of things associated with motherhood, uncomfortable situations come with the territory, starting with the moment kids announce their arrival in this world. AK Kid is growing up, taking every opportunity to fly, run, jump, or in this […]

Our Alaska Easter

It’s Easter weekend. I’ve read the inserts in my morning paper and tossed them aside, for they are full of frilly dresses, strappy shoes, and lawn-lounging equipment. Alaska woke up to a foot of snow on Monday morning, followed by -18F temperatures that, accompanied by bright sunshine, sent some of us into orbit with pleasure, […]

Alaska On the Go with You Tube!

Did you know AKontheGO has its own YouTube channel? Yes indeed, right HERE you can see AK Mom spinning sideways down the tubing hill at Arctic Valley Ski Area, watch a very patient mama brown bear feed her hungry cubs, or witness the bumps and jumps of a Major Marine boat during a glacier and […]

AKontheGO: 2012 in Pictures

It’s easy to capture the beautiful in Alaska, and with 2012 turning the final corner this evening, we’d like to share some of our most memorable moments with you, the readers who keep us “on the go,” all the time. May 2013 be full of precious moments, wonderful people, and exciting adventures. Thanks for sticking […]

Alaska’s Crazy Weather: How We Cope

Button up, buttercups. Alaska’s nutty summer (?) has reached its end. Today is the autumnal equinox; time to bring in garden produce and rake the leaves. Oh, wait. I don’t have any leaves, because a mighty wind blew them away. Come to think of it, I don’t have produce, either, because it never got warm […]

What Does 9/11 Teach Us About Family Travel?

On this day each year, I reflect back to a time when family travel looked decidedly different. Back to open gate areas in airports, when arriving or departing meant loved ones in our midst. Back to an open, spontaneous travel lifestyle, and back to conversations with my children that didn’t involve terms like “TSA,” or […]

Exploring Alaska Ports of Call – On Your Own

It’s a cruiser’s world in southeast Alaska during the summer months, there’s no denying. From the second a passenger’s shoe hits the dock, it’s go, go, go – see, see, see the “best of Alaska” in five hours or less. I love cruising, I really do, and I appreciate the industry’s efforts to get passengers […]