Alaska Halloween Round Up

It’s time, it’s time! The pumpkins have been purchased, the costume box is now sitting in the middle of our family room floor, and my inbox is fairly bursting with event submissions for the AKontheGO calendar. Halloween’s seasonal push is on, friends, so heed our spooky lineup of family fun, below. Psst: Save some doughnuts […]

Alaska Moose and the Case of the Mysterious Noise

[I love sharing stories that come from regular Alaskans who, like us, sometimes forget the protocols when it comes to wild animals on our property. This story by Ashley Taborsky is a perfect reminder that we live, work, and play within the boundaries of a truly unique landscape. Do you have a story to tell? […]

Kids Corner: Alaska is a ‘berry’ fun place in the fall!

by Bryan Bearss After a great summer of blueberry or raspberry picking, it’s time to change gears and think about fall’s other recreational pursuits. As you bundle up and head outside, don’t forget to pack an extra container for a detour along the trail to harvest an autumnal berry bounty. While frost and cooler temperatures […]

Matanuska Valley Farms Are a Harvest of Family Fun

by Mariah Brasher Everyone loves July with its sunshine and warmth. Newcomers and sourdoughs alike rejoice in December’s snow and shining aurora. But – I’m here to tell you – September is one of the most beautiful and busy months in Alaska, from Fairbanks to Juneau. While it’s easy to get caught up in the […]

Family Snaps: Photo essay of an AKontheGO summer

Sometimes it’s the visual cues that provide the final “yes” to a vacation destination, and Alaska is no exception. The state’s traveling-est family (I just made that word up) has been busy this summer, and we’ve searched the photo galleries to find the best of our adventures. Now will you come visit us? ~EK Our […]

New Weekly Column in Alaska Dispatch News Means More Outdoor Family Fun

What could be better on a beautiful Friday morning (and the first day of summer vacation) than an announcement regarding my acceptance of a weekly column in the Alaska Dispatch News, the state’s largest newspaper? Not much. I love Alaska; it’s my home, and the place where we’ve chosen to raise our family for the […]

Kids to Parks Day Giveaway WINNER

Happy Saturday, AKontheGOers! The team is packing the car for a Mother’s Day weekend trip to “prettier-Whittier,” but before we blast on down the highway, I wanted to announce the winner of our AKontheGO – National Park Trust #KidsToParksDay giveaway. Our scientific drawing has commenced, and the winner of a Kids to Parks Day prize […]

Alaskan Earth Mama Giveaway: AKontheGO wins big and you do, too!

AKontheGO’ers, you’ve done Alaska family travel proud. announced the winners of its Best Travel Bloggers poll yesterday, and we were at the top (yes, alphabetically, but also in numbers, thanks to you). This is the first time an Alaska blogger has won, so I’m pretty proud of us. And by ‘us’, I do mean […]

Give the Gift of Stewardship this Christmas, Near or Far

There’s an awful lot of discussion in our house lately about “getting.” What someone got for his birthday, what he might get for Christmas, what he wants to get from his grandparents. Getting, gonna get, got. At 10, AK Kid’s lists are also becoming more sophisticated, and more specific, causing AK Dad and I to […]

Staying Awake During Alaska’s Short Winter Days

Every year, the discussion surrounding an impending switch from Daylight Savings to Standard time. We know it’s coming; my home in Anchorage, located in Alaska’s Southcentral region, begins losing as much as six minutes per day of precious light in October. Cities located farther north, like Fairbanks or Barrow, lose light, faster, and the residents […]

What a Sunset Might Teach Us

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.”  ~ Jo Walton Sunsets never captured so much of my attention before I moved to Alaska. I appreciated them elsewhere, certainly, because to do otherwise might make me seem aloof and uncaring of nature, and I […]