AKontheGO’s Top Trips of 2010

You’ve been waiting and waiting for AK Fam to come up with our favorite places of 2010, I just know it. Thank you for your patience; the process has been complex, detailed, and involved serious discussion around the dinner table. It’s not easy deciphering a six year-old’s manner of deduction, after all, but we are […]

Alaska Wildland Adventures is All That and More on the Kenai

With all the fishing going on down on the Kenai Peninsula these days, one would think there is no room for sightseeing. Shoulder-to-shoulder, lines out, fishermen and women are into some serious salmon time, and woe to the one who gets in the way. Or so I thought. AK Fam, during our explorations of Cooper […]

Our Debut on KTUU

If you want to check out our first post for GoToAK.com, here’s the link. We’ll be posting every other week for the web site of KTUU Channel 2 Television in Anchorage. It’s pouring rain in Homer this morning, so I guess we can leave. AK Extended Fam did themselves proud yesterday out in the bay, […]


All the extended family has arrived in Alaska for their introduction to summer in the 49th State. Why yes, it is still raining, but in the spirit of walking my talk as far as outdoor adventures go, I’m bundling up, wrapping people in rainsuits and rubber boots, and heading out. Fortunately for all of us, […]