Beauty Sleep In the Last Frontier: Strategies from Alaskan Parents

Visiting Alaska next summer? It’s never too early to begin planning your trip to the Last Frontier with our strategies for managing sleep in a land where seasonal daylight lasts, well, all night… I will never forget our family’s first Alaskan camping trip. Toddler and a ‘tween in tow, we drove northeast to scenic Lake […]

Weekend Winners in Alaska: Hiking, Birding, and Happy Families

The weekend has arrived, let the happy dancing commence! Welcome to our weekly roundup of Family Fun in Alaska, brought to you by Alaska Center for Pediatrics, caring for kiddos since 1982. Every day the AKontheGO email-box ( is filling up with suggestions, events, and information crucial to outdoor fam fun. While our Calendar of […]

Kids and Bears and Your Alaskan Adventure

There are two things I learned last week from the 2nd annual “Bear Safety For Families” Class sponsored by AKontheGO and held at Campbell Creek Science Center, the best outdoor education facility in Anchorage. One: The more I know about bears, their behavior, habits, and habitats, the better. Two: The more I learn about bears, […]

Fun Friday: Biking, Bore Tides, and Bushels of Family Fun

It’s a fabulous Friday, isn’t it? I would have slept in but for the howling southerly wind hammering at the AK Hacienda this morning and making my wind chimes sound obnoxiously loud, hence my 6 a.m. posting. Summer vacation has arrived, so let’s cut right to the party, shall we? Fun Friday, as always, is […]

Monday Musings: Accessibility, Part 2

Not one to recuperate in the traditional fashion, AK Dad continues to surprise us with interesting and sometimes scary new diagnoses that keep me running around like a crazy woman. Last Friday he decided to allow his blood to stop flowing freely through his veins and landed himself in the hospital with a pulmonary embolism. […]

“May We Have Your Attention…” Safety Briefings for Family Travel

Japan’s tragic earthquake and tsunami in 2011 created a shift of thinking in my mind about safer family travel, and that Yes, it can happen to anyone, anywhere. Friends in Japan, hundreds of miles away from the quake’s actual location lost power all day on Friday, March 11; Alaskans vacationing in Hawaii spent the night […]

Just Me and the Kleenex Box

Suffering through snot. That’s been AK Fam’s mantra since last spring, when AK Kid began sneezing and blowing and becoming a child known more for his ability to use up a box of tissue in a week. Subsequent allergy testing revealed two culprits well-known to his parents (poor child, family history played a large part […]

Monday Morning Germs (I Mean, News)

My hair is not combed, I’m on my fifth cup of coffee, and the fuzzy slippers AK Grandma gave me for Christmas have cough syrup splashed all over their pleather insteps. If you haven’t woken up and figured out by now AK Kid is yes, indeed sick again, let me be the first to <sarcastically> […]

Who’s Gonna Drive You Home? Winter Road Trips in Alaska

Yes, you can. There. It’s been said. Hundreds of thousands of people drive around Alaska during the summer months. RV’s and buses mingle with bedraggled Subarus and monster trucks and mini-vans on one of Alaska’s three main highways; some have a particular destination in mind, others, not so much. Alaskan residents curse and coddle at […]

Tame the Christmas Beasts With Our Primer for Appropriate Holiday Behavior

Whether your family is heading over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s or across the country to old Uncle Joe’s, helping kids understand expectations for holiday behavior pays off. With millions of children and parents flying, driving, or riding the rails to see loved ones this Christmas, there is no better time to […]

It “Bears” Repeating: Mind Your Bruin P’s and Q’s a Bit Longer

It’s November 1 and the greater Anchorage area is still void of much measurable snowfall and/or very cold temperatures (although now that I have dared write this, we are all but guaranteed both). While votes are still out on whether or not we like this environmental conundrum, there are some critters in the ‘hood who […]