Flying and Ear Pain – How to ease the discomfort: AK Mom’s Story

One of the more unpleasant treasures I brought back from my trip last week was a head cold, which truly wasn’t too bad until I boarded the flight home. Booked on the infamous Alaska Airlines “Milk Run,” traveling between Ketchikan and Anchorage via Sitka and Juneau (I was lucky this time; often the run includes […]

Alaska Moose: Safety tips for visiting families (and the rest of us)

Note: I wrote this post before a cow moose was killed near a Denali National Park Visitor Center by a person exercising his right to defend life/property. While that individual was indeed within boundaries of federal law, much discussion centers around appropriate actions during high numbers of moose-human interactions this summer.  AKontheGO believes, and will […]

Unaccompanied Minors and Alaska’s Air Travel: Kids can go!

I flew alone for the first time at age 13. My parents sent me to Spokane from my hometown of Seattle, a flight of all but 30 minutes aboard a yellow Hughes Airwest jet that reminded me of an enormous banana. TSA and domestic terrorism were not part of anyone’s airport conversation, and dressing up […]

Family-Friendly Alaska: 5 Things Businesses Can Do to Welcome Children

Kids are hot, hot, hot in the Alaska tourism industry right now; trotting down cruise ship gangplanks, jetways, and hopping out of car seats, rigged and ready for their 49th state vacation. But are Alaska travel and tourism-related businesses meeting the needs of this incredibly active demographic? Moreover, are these businesses jiving with the high […]

*EXTRA* Body Worlds Vital at Anchorage Museum – For Parents

Today the Anchorage Museum opened their newest exhibit to members of the media. Body Worlds Vital will be on display September 28, 2012 through January 6, 2013, with the hope of educating, inspiring, and connecting people to the greatest machine in the world – themselves. As promised, below are my impressions from an hour of […]

Five Things Every Alaska Traveler Should Carry: AKontheGO Primer

Alaska is unique in both environment and attitude; knowing what to bring, when, and where can mean the difference between a splendid or mediocre experience; or, in a worst-case scenario, a dangerous one. I am forever grateful to the cadre of parents, industry professionals, and seasoned travelers who have helped compile the following list (and […]

“Family-Friendly” Travel in Alaska: What’s It All Mean?

Of all the new features within, I am most excited about our Family Friendly Business program. Created to assist parents and caregivers with decision-making regarding their Alaska adventure, this program, found under the “Family Friendly” tab above, is more than a listing of places to see and stay. Businesses who participate in the program, which […]

Break It Down For Peaceful Family Travel in Alaska

I wish you could have been at AK Hacienda this morning to witness post-Hawaii-vacation-angst at its finest, courtesy of AK Kid. If I only knew where the camera was packed…. Kids and travel generally go together like peanut butter and jelly, but even the most affiable child will become tired at some point. It takes […]

Cruising Safely With Kids: AKontheGO ‘Extra’

In 2012, the world watched a terrible scenario unfold with the grounding of the Costa Concordia in Italy, and my attention turned toward safety of such luxury cruises in Alaska. The cruising industry must have been clenching its teeth in potential panic, real or perceived, among both the media and would-be passengers who witnessed the […]

Bears? Now? Take Care and Take Note: Winter-Bear-Aware In Session!

Shhhhhhhh. The bears of Anchorage are supposed to be sleeping, although it seems they missed the memo, judging from the number of tracks spotted on a daily basis in and around Alaska’s largest city. Heck, I was out hiking the other day in my favorite stretch of the Campbell Tract and came upon a huge […]