Hawaii Dengue Fever Outbreak: Should you be worried?

Mosquitoes are pesky little critters, and we Alaskans should know, since much of our  summer is spent in creative ways to deter and detect these tiny, whiny insects that dine upon tender skin. Now, one of our favorite warm-weather destinations appears to be under siege from a variety of the buggar that seems hell-bent on […]

Flu Shot Facts from Alaska Regional Hospital

And now a word from AKontheGO sponsor, Alaska Regional Hospital. Every fall, the argument about whether or not to receive an influenza (flu) shot rolls around and around, until even those of us who thought we knew the facts become confused. We all want our kids to be healthy, that’s not up for discussion, but […]

Stay Safe and Confident in Alaska’s Bear Country With These Tips

Alaska’s bears are up and about and looking to go about their business, and that means eating, sleeping, and rearing young. With only a few short months to pack on pounds lost during hibernation and raise the kids to a satisfactory level of independence, a bear has a lot on his or her mind. The […]

Alaska’s Bears: What you need to know in April

  With a warmer-than-normal winter, Alaska is experiencing an early arrival of balmy weather. Now that official announcements of “Spring” are passing the lips of weather forecasters, garden experts, and recreational operators, it is time, I think, for AKontheGO’s annual “Bear Aware Blog Post.” For those of you new to AKontheGO, or Alaska, welcome. For […]

Alaska Marine Highway Unaccompanied Minor Policy: AKontheGO weighs in

Yesterday, the Alaska Marine Highway and Alaska Department of Transportation issued a new policy regarding unaccompanied minors traveling aboard their ferries. As of November 20, 2014, all children under the age of 18 must travel with a parent, legal guardian, or other individual at least 18 years of age who also carries a notarized letter […]

Alaska Weather: Sometimes it’s a waiting game

It’s hard for many Alaska visitors to wrap their heads around summer in the 49th state. While their home state may be sweltering in a heat wave of epic proportions, Alaskans might be wishing for sunshine and temperatures above 55F. Or not. Alaska weather is both unpredictable and beautiful, and should in no way interfere […]

Alaskan Earth Mamas: Soft and sweet bug dope

Ditch the DEET this summer for a kinder, gentler way of repelling insects, thanks to Alaskan Earth Mamas. AK Fam has lived up north long enough to know that biting bugs can make an outdoor experience miserable for kids, especially the little ones. But oh, my, those chemicals! I can’t even pronounce the stuff in […]

Go the *bleep* to Sleep: Bedtime in Alaska

It’s the season all Alaska parents alternately pine for and approach with bated breath. Spring has arrived, bringing warmer temperatures, soccer balls, bikes, trips to the playground, and one more thing: DAYLIGHT. Alaska loves light. Imagine six months of the year (or longer, depending upon your geographic location) during which time you wake up, go […]

Help Kids Understand the Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964

    Of all the valuable lessons I’ve learned since moving to Alaska, respecting the power of nature and the planet upon which we reside takes top honors. Even though I grew up in the Seattle area, a seismological hotspot within the famous “Ring of Fire,” there are few temblors to compare with the Great […]

Alaska Toolkit for Safety: The parents’ guide when lights go out

I woke up this morning to the sound of tree branches and ice whipping against the windows of my hotel room. Ensconsed in a marketing retreat for the Alaska Travel Industry Association, I have been in Fairbanks since Wednesday morning, watching and waiting as mother nature went a little bezerk. Fairbanks was nearly paralyzed for […]