JetBlue Blasts Up to Alaska and Wild Wednesday Fun

Stop. Before you read any further, take a look at your family’s schedule this summer. If it is empty from May 24-June 28, consider filling it in with a trip to Long Beach, CA courtesy of JetBlue, the newest airline to try flying to and from the 49th state. for $354 RT (all-in), your family […]

Monday Morning Newsflash: Got ‘Free’?

Monday, Monday, how did you get here so quickly? Must be all that daylight outside. A mish-mash of useful information is what we have today, starting with some incredible deals AK Fam found this weekend at our favorite outdoor recreation store, REI, dressing me since I was but a baby in my father’s funky blue […]

Spring Break Report From AK Fam’s Favorite Teen and Travelgram ReCap

Welcome to Wednesday, AKontheGO’ers. We’ve made it halfway through our first post-Spring Break week and the switch to Daylight Savings Time. Is it the weekend, yet? Yikes. For those who may have missed yesterday’s Alaska Travelgram Show (mercy, why would you do that?), here are a few links to important resources discussed by Mr. Scott […]

Wild Wednesday and a Travelgram Show Recap

This morning I’m sitting in full view of the gorgeous Willamette River, watching ducks and geese and the occasional osprey make the most of this gorgeous morning. AK Fam decided late last night that we needed to make a trip to Hood River, about 80 miles east of Portland along the mighty Columbia River. The […]

Little Hill Means Big Fun for Military Families

It’s never easy to move from one place to another, AK Fam knows. Pulling up roots, however temporary, is painful, and for kids it can be doubly so. Just ask AK Dad. The product of a Navy and Red Cross Field Manager father, he was transported from one state or foreign country so often during […]

Monday Morning News and a History of Flight Service

Is it my imagination, or are weekends getting shorter? Perhaps I am merely recovering slower than in my 30’s. Either way, both AK Kid and I were sluggish commuters to the Higher Halls of German Learning this morning. Busy, busy, busy was the AK Fam mantra Saturday as we paid a visit to the House […]

Jumping Into 2011: Monday Morning News from AKontheGO

Gooood morning, AKontheGO’ers, 2011 is beginning in fine form with a review of our trip to Talkeetna to celebrate the New Year AK Fam-style, complete with enough firepower to make even my pyro-technic boys happy. We also have a few updates courtesy of my Alaska Travelgram Show cohort, Scott McMurren, who dug up the Top […]

“Countdown to Christmas” Continues…and Other Fun Stuff

Happy Monday! I am glad to say I am feeling fairly humanoid this morning after a week battling an influenza-type bug that put this AK Mom down. Whew, just in time for things to warm up, I’m back. A good thing, too, because AKontheGO is in the second week of our Countdown to Christmas fun, […]

Your Monday Morning Travel News, On-the-Go

A good Monday morning to all dedicated AKontheGO’ers, wherever you may be! I’m in a fine fettle this morning, as my Scottish father-in-law would say. AK Kid is back in school, the snow is piled up outside all fluffy and white, and there’s a ton of deals and opportunities right here next to me and […]

Kids These Days! and Alaska Travelgram Today

Just a quick note to tune into both Kids These Days! Radio  and the Alaska Travelgram  shows today. KTD will talk about indoor activities with Dr. Michelle Laufer, an Anchorage pediatrician, author and mama who has been there, done that in the keeping-kids-busy trenches. KTD has tapped into her experience, even giving her the title of […]

Alyeska Resort Brings Back Fall Packages for Family Fun

We have to hand it to the folks at Alyeska Resort; they sure do know how to get us Alaskans off the couch and down to Girdwood for a little R & R after the rush of Life. Yep, autumn at the resort means the return of their most popular lodging/meal/fun packages, and we have […]