Workin’ in a Gold Mine

AKontheGO Kid’s favorite movie is ‘Snow White’, not for the princess factor, of course (blech), but for the scene where the intrepid Seven Dwarves are dig, dig, diggety, digging away in their mine, where ‘a million diamonds shine’. Hi Ho, Hi Ho. Giving into the child’s pleadings to stop at the Indian Valley Mine along […]

Anchorage Hotel is Simply ‘Grand’

AKontheGO Fam is adamant about one thing when searching out places to rest our weary heads on vacation; accommodation. As in ‘accommodate’. As in kid-friendly, kid-worthy, and kid-aware. Some hotels in downtown Anchorage are a bit stuffy and unwelcoming to the younger set, banking on guests who have money and time to lounge about their […]

Machines That Built Alaska

The Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry is a Man-Place. At least that’s what AK Dad says. What other attraction in Alaska could provide so many men and boys with so many big toys? Over 20 acres of said toys, to be exact. But, psst, moms, grandmas, sisters, and aunties; there’s plenty for we women […]

Alaska Ocean Festival in Review

Really, it could not have been a better afternoon. Glorious sunshine, fun people, and a kid who wanted not only to ride the bucking salmon, but who stayed on and impressed all the big folks. The Alaska Center for the Environment indeed pulled out all the stops. Maybe Mother Nature had a hand in securing […]

Two-Wheeled Touring in Anchorage

Last weekend I was downtown enjoying a bit of summertime and couldn’t help but notice the surge in bicycle-riding by tourists. They were here, they were there, they were everywhere, reaping the benefits of almost 120 miles of paved pedalling pleasure around our local trail system. For a long time bicycle riding was not at […]

Alaska Grub Means Happy Campers

As every parent knows, the most important part of vacation is Food. When traveling through unfamiliar territory, especially in Alaska, where that territory may feature few options for Food, it helps to have some assistance. Fortunately for you, readers, AKontheGO fam loves Food, especially AKontheGO Dad, who finds the experience akin to nirvana. The process […]

Psst…Watch Out for the Velociraptor!

According to Katch Bacheller, grizzly bears are not the only beasts to watch out for in Alaska. Move over Rogue Bear, we got dinos. Big, scary, bony dinos. AKontheGO Fam loves to visit the Alaska Museum of Natural History in Anchorage. We discovered it last year during the three months of dismal Alaskan summer, and […]

AKontheGO Sets Sail in August

Singing a sea chanty, AKontheGO fam is set to sail this summer, courtesy of Holland America Lines. After much deliberation and consideration, we decided on HAL for their classic approach to cruising and reported updates to children’s programming. Our cruise, Southbound from Seward, will take us through scenic Glacier Bay, College Fjord, Haines, Juneau, and […]

Palmer Museum of History and Art; and a Visitor’s Center

On our way home after our Mother’s Day extravanganza at the Musk Ox Farm, we stopped in at the Palmer Visitor Center, which we soon found out, is much more than just a place to get free coffee and a map. A quaint log cabin on the main drag of historic Palmer, the Visitor Center […]

Ice Age Descendants Reside in Palmer, Alaska!

Who would have thought that a walking mop would garner so much attention? It would if its forebearers lived say, thousands of years ago. Not only lived, but provided Man with a garment more toasty than anything North Face can come up with. At the Musk Ox Farm in beautiful Palmer, Alaska (a mere 45 […]

Refuel While Kids Burn Energy

What parent doesn’t need an opportunity to unwind during a vacation? So many places to go, so much energy expended all for the sake of exposing our children to the wonders of the world. Many an AK Fam trip has been halted briefly so mommy could recharge at the local (gas station, coffee shop, bar). […]