Passport Day Today

Thinking of traveling outside the U.S. anytime soon? Today has been designated as Passport Day by the U.S. Postal Service. For today only, appointments are not required for customers to apply directly at a regional passport agency. Why should you care? Possessing a United States passport is no longer an optional item when traveling. New regulations all […]

Come Fly With Me

Whenever AKontheGO hears that little tune, we know there’s something in the air besides a plane. Scott McMurren, our favorite travel guru at Alaskatravelgram has worked dilligently to decipher the fast-dropping spring and summer airfares on Alaska’s biggest airline. First they were up, then they were down, then they were down further. Thank goodness for Scott; […]

More on Transportation

For many visitors to Alaska, transportation seems pretty straightforward. Board airplane, collect bags, board bus, train, or cruise ship, and let the fun begin. Easy, right? Well, sort of. An interesting trend about traveling families today is their increasing independence when it comes to embarking on the annual vacation. Moms and dads want, for the most part, to […]

Fairbanks and Food: Family-Fabulous

I thought we could not improve upon our initial dinner at Silver Gulch, and perhaps from the perspective of uptown, modern cuisine, we did not. But since AK Fam is indeed a family with a small and often-picky young son, most of our meals need to be eaten at establishments that cater to child-sized palates […]

AKontheGO Trip Tips from Today’s KUDO Travel Show

In case you might be listening to today’s KUDO 1080 AM travel show while driving, or can’t seem to find a pen anywhere in your house to write down all our nuggets of valuable family travel info, here are some highlights… AKontheGO’s Top Five Travel Tips for Families: 1. Have a Goal. Is the purpose of […]

Catch Us Tomorrow on the Airwaves!

Tune in tomorrow for some family travel talk on KUDO 1080 AM and hear yours truly share some interesting tips and insights on family fun in our 49th state. The fun starts at 2 p.m. and live streaming can be found on the radio station’s web site. Whether planning a trip to Alaska or beginning […]

AKontheGO Checks Out TSA

Last Sunday the New York Times published an article about airline security and TSA and the rigamarole surrounding the schlepping of gear and people through the endless maze of presumed safety. We all know, however, when kids are added to the mix all is not sweetness and light when it comes to the disrobing and […]

A New Year Brings More Alaskan Winter Fun

With the frenzied holiday event calendar behind us, most Alaskans are now settled into the serious business of having fun. From now until the snow makes its final descent, the question of whether or not visiting families can find activities becomes moot. The real point to ponder is which to choose, first. January through March […]

Give the Gift of Alyeska

Have skiers on your gift list? Amy at Alyeska Resort just sent over a reminder that Costco (both Dimond and DeBarr locations) have discounted lift tickets and gift cards for unlimited fun this winter. A 3-pack of lift tickets is only $129.99, 20% off. These tickets, my friends, are unrestricted, which means your family can […]

Nordic Skiing: It’s Never Too Early

Happy Monday, AKontheGO readers! Another fabulous weekend is behind us and here we are, in the middle of October already. That means it’s time to talk skiing, or keep on talking about skiing… We’ve already covered the Alpine circut a fair bit with mention of our destination ski resort, Alyeska, and will talk with our […]

Write Kind of Travel

AK Fam has recently returned from the last of our travel extravangazas, we think. A short jaunt down to the magical Mt. Hood in Oregon provided a last gasp of summer coupled with autumn beauty, and recharged our souls for another few months. While sipping red wine before a roaring fireplace at the family cabin […]