Jet Blue and You on Yesterday’s Alaska Travelgram Show

We had a great time on the Alaska Travelgram show yesterday chatting up Scott Laurence, VP of Networking for Jet Blue airlines, now a done deal for service to and from Anchorage – Long Beach, CA. Beginning May 26, 2011, Jet Blue will be flying up and down between the two cities to connect you, […]

Be Forwarned, Passengers: TSA “Reconfigures” SeaTac

Attention all Seattle-Tacoma International Airport  passengers: The TSA  is reconfiguring, and we all need to be ready. As my travel cohort and co-host, Scott McMurren stated yesterday on our splendiferous Alaska Travelgram Show, Sea-Tac’s North Checkpoint is undergoing major renovations from now until next week and is closed. Why? Body scanning, baby. Yes, it’s arrived […]

Motion Misery: Helping Kids Cope

A rather desperate AKontheGO Mom called me the other day and asked if AK Kid had ever experienced motion sickness. It seems her daughter, five, has trouble in varying degrees upon varying modes of transportation, and she, a traveling mama, was nearing her wits end. Fortunately for our little family, no one seems to have […]

Kids These Days! and Alaska Travelgram Today

Just a quick note to tune into both Kids These Days! Radio  and the Alaska Travelgram  shows today. KTD will talk about indoor activities with Dr. Michelle Laufer, an Anchorage pediatrician, author and mama who has been there, done that in the keeping-kids-busy trenches. KTD has tapped into her experience, even giving her the title of […]

All Radio, All the Time: AKontheGO Joins Alaska Travelgram!

Hey, everyone! We are incredibly excited to announce that each Tuesday afternoon AKontheGO will be on KUDO AM 1080 in Anchorage (KXLJ 1330 in Juneau) with Scott McMurren as Official Co-Host of the Alaska Travelgram show. Get ready to play radio each week and learn about travel deals, hot spots, and our fav family activities in Alaska. Want to […]

Alaska Travelgram Does the Deals

Well, he doesn’t do the deals, he just lists them, so I don’t have to. Who am I talking about? My travel bud Scott McMurren, that guy I’m allowed to play radio with every Tuesday on KUDO AM 1080. Scott has this thing about low airfares and finding the best of the best for his […]

Remembering Your Hotel “Manners”

How many times have we reminded our kids to “remember their manners” when out in public? Heck, how many times were we ourselves prodded to use manners during our growing up years? If you are anything like me; many. And not just at home, either. Manners count everywhere, as we remind our sons time after time. […]

In Alaska, Time Slips, Slips Away

Someone told me the other day “Everything you’ve posted on your Website is a must-see. How the heck could we possibly do that during one trip to Alaska?” Very good point, intrepid AKontheGO-reader, and one I will attempt to answer. Forty years ago (well, okay, maybe even after that) the family vacation was a standard two-weeks. Employers […]

Monday, Monday. How’d it Get Here So Fast?

AK Fam is in a definite funk this morning, thanks in part to the rain, but more due to AK Kid’s hot ear that kept him, and subsequently us, up all night. Before I crawl back in my warm bed to recoup my losses, here’s a little smorgasboard of stuff that’s on my mind today […]

“Babes in the Woods” a Treasure-Trove of Parental Validation

It’s early Sunday morning, and I’m sitting in my cozy office listening to Vivaldi, sipping my coffee, and glorying in the fact that I live in a place where I can engage my kids in the absolutely wonderous outdoors right, well, out our door. Yes, we can. The statistics talk of “nature deficit disorder” afflicting […]

Punch Your Ticket to Fun

We budget-conscious parents are always looking for a deal, yes? The Alaska Railroad offers a number of discounts and deals to families who take the train around the 49th state. For example, in the Great Alaskan TourSaver, AKRR offers a 2-for-1 deal on their Denali Star trip from Anchorage to Talkeetna, either one way or round […]