Family Travel Resolutions for 2012

We here at AKontheGO believe in family travel so much, we’re willing to take one for the team in generous encouragement of your next adventure. This means, of course, AK Fam must communicate our impressions within the world of travel and children; sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating, but always insightful. At least, after we’ve scraped the […]

Five Tips For Holiday Family Travel Bliss. No, Really.

AK Fam has been there. We know the stomach-tightening, teeth-clenching feeling of packing up kids and kaboodle and heading out for the holidays. Be it across the state or across the country (or further than that), holiday travel has morphed into a frenzied flash mob that officially begins today. If you are one of the […]

Travelgram Recap and Upcoming Veterans Day Hotspots

Yesterday’s Alaska Travelgram Show (Podcast HERE) was a fabulous hour of travel power. Not only was Scott McMurren reporting live from the Emerald City of Seattle, giving us the 411 on where to stay and play during the late-autumn months, but in the studio with moi was Eileen Floyd of the Alaska Zoo with tons […]

“Three Wishes” For a Magical Visit to Alaska With Kids

It’s all about the wishes, especially on vacation. Everybody has a wish for something to see or do or experience, no matter the desination, and Alaska is no exception. I love nothing more than chatting up visitors to our beautiful state, inquiring about everything but their shoe size, and most especially about their current/past/future experiences […]

Great Deals and Great Fun in Alaska: TourSaver 2012 and the Sitka Podcast!

It’s like Christmas in the AKontheGO office this morning! Not only is the sun rising behind the snowy Chugach foothills (yes, and before 10 a.m., still), but we have a sleigh-full of information about travel in the 49th state. Love it! Did you catch the Alaska Travelgram Show (here’s the podcast, btw) yesterday? Guest Tonia […]

EXTRA: Club 49 and a Partnership For Better Communication!

BIG NEWS! In case you have been busy with other things and missed yesterday’s big announcement regarding Alaska Airlines’ launch of their brand new benefit program for residents of Alaska, we’re proud to be the Alaska family travel website to crack the code for readers, explaining “The Club” in a bit more detail. As a […]

Important Alaska Family Travel Updates!

It’s been a full week of hot travel scoops and interesting information coming to AKontheGO, and today’s blog post is bursting with good stuff your family needs to know. For instance, our Calendar of Events is nicely packaged for autumn, with a drifting of snowflakes for winter’s arrival. Check it out and find something fun […]

The Wonderful World of Disney, 32 Years Later

I know a small but emphatic group of people who refuse to even consider indulging their children with a family vacation to Disneyland. “It’s too expensive and too commercial,” they say, and I respect their fortitude in this era of “buy-me-this-get-me-that”. Especially since we all live in Alaska, a place where Mother Nature provides her […]

Jet Blue Arrives in the North!

Wait, I can almost see it from here; a pretty white plane with a blue tail waving madly from the sky. Today is the day jetBlue arrives in Alaska and adds itself to the list of carriers willing to transport people and goods to and from the 49th state. AK Fam is packed and ready […]

Go Wild With an RV Adventure

For those who missed yesterday’s fabulous Alaska Travelgram Show and special guest Cindy Draper of ABC Motorhome & Car Rentals can be found HERE. RV travel in Alaska is both big business and big fun, and Cindy did a great job outlining all the ways a family can enjoy road-trippin’ the 49th state. AKontheGO has […]

Nighty-Night In the Land Of Midnight Sun

It’s one of the first questions asked by non-Alaskans. “How do you ever get to sleep during the summer months?” which leads, then, to “How will I ever get my kids to sleep when we come visit you?” Ah, yes, sleep in the Land of Midnight Sun. I’ll never forget my first visit to Alaska: […]