Give Alaska Travel for Christmas!

Jimmy Stewart, playing the role of discouraged George Bailey in the immortal holiday classic ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ said, “You know what the three most exciting sounds in the world are, Uncle Billy? Anchor chains, plane motors, and train whistles.” I’m inclined to believe him. What could be more fabulous than filling Christmas stockings with […]

Family Travel Blogs: They like us, they really, really like us!

Back in 2008, when I first considered jumping into an often tumultuous water of family travel blogs, the internet was awash with citizen journalists who wanted the world to know what, where, and how they managed to travel with kids. Big families, small families, non-traditional families, and everything in between – through the past six […]

Hostelbookers Shares Adventure Through a United Effort

It’s amazing to think about all the places I’ve not yet visited, including (and sadly) my own United States of America. Time to change that, eh? Bring in Hostelbookers, a UK-based company with whom I’ve become quite friendly this past year. Merely the mention of “hostel” makes me happy, mostly because I spent a good […]

Alaska Airlines and the Bombardier Q400: What families need to know

A few weeks ago, Alaska Airlines rolled out a sample aircraft from sister company Horizon Airlines as a welcome mat of sorts for Fairbanks travelers edgy about this new, turbo-prop creature that will be shuttling they and their stuff between the Golden Heart City and Anchorage. It’s sleek, it’s pretty, and it’s just about as […]

Alaska Family Travel Resources – How to find AKontheGO

Social media circles, pages, boards, and tweety things; it’s all important for the informed reader, these days. It’s been quite a while since we shared the various resources and options for Alaska family travel, so check out our ideas, below. Whether you Pin or Tweet, AKontheGO is still Alaska’s finest (we think so, anyway) family […]

Father’s Day Means Family Time for AKontheGO

Nothing excites AK Kid more than an outing with his dad. Just the two of them, geared-up and ready for adventures not always understood by me. It’s probably best that way, since the little I have heard is enough to make me squawk “You went where?!” I’m also convinced my husband is Partydad when it […]

Passports and Kids: Where, how, and what you need to know in Alaska

The last passport secured for AK Kid was five years ago, at age (gasp) three. His baby features have been replaced by permenant teeth, wild hair, and an air of eight-year-old awesomeness. It’s time to renew. Easier said than done. Children have their own set of rules for passport principles in the United States, and […]

Flying Update: Alaska-bound passengers have more options this summer!

Sheesh, just about every day a new press release ends up in the AKontheGO inbox, announcing new routes and times for airlines to/from Alaska. Am I complaining? No way! The addition of flights and air carriers means competition for top dog Alaska Airlines, and hopefully -competitive pricing as well. I’ve been posting these updates on […]

All We Need is Love and Travel

  Audrey Hepburn said  “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”  AK Kid marched out the door today carrying 22 valentines emblazoned with tie-dye peace signs and a baggie full of neon bracelets to hand out at school. AK Dad brought me coffee. I had cards for everyone, signed by the […]

*EXTRA*: Jet Blue Begins Anchorage-Seattle Service in 2013!

Alaskans asked, and New York-based JetBlue Airways responded: Beginning Thursday, May 16, 2013, JetBlue will begin daily nonstop service between Anchorage and Seattle. Family travel to and from Alaska couldn’t get any easier, folks, as JetBlue’s signature service rivals that of our other  major air carrier, Alaska Airlines, leaving plenty of room for speculation over […]

Alaska Travel Links For Follow Friday!

After four days talking travel at the annual Alaska Travel Industry Association convention, my head is about to explode. There is so much going on in the world of Alaska travel and tourism, loyal AKontheGO’ers. New products, enhanced services, and a ton of enthusiasm for the concept of family travel, too. No kidding – every […]