Happy Monday, So Gear Up, Anchorage!

Despite all weather reports to the contrary, ski and snowshoe season has arrived full-swing into the consciousness of many Alaskan parents, and our little email account has been abuzz with requests for rental resources. Where do we find the proper gear? How much will this cost us? Season, or weekly rental? Here are a few […]

“Babes in the Woods” a Treasure-Trove of Parental Validation

It’s early Sunday morning, and I’m sitting in my cozy office listening to Vivaldi, sipping my coffee, and glorying in the fact that I live in a place where I can engage my kids in the absolutely wonderous outdoors right, well, out our door. Yes, we can. The statistics talk of “nature deficit disorder” afflicting […]

Cozy Kids: What We Learned About Sleeping Bags

  My family camped a lot when I was growing up. I spent many a night trying to sleep in a flannel-lined bag adorned with red and black ducks that held water like a sponge whenever it rained. I won’t even start with the tent. At any rate, parents today are so much luckier when it […]