Little Passports: A Kid-Friendly Trip Around the World

*Sponsored* and ready to give away! (The product, not the child)… IMPORTANT UPDATE 11/27/2012 For a brief time, AK Fam lived in Charleston, South Carolina, where I tried mightily to adjust in a world very foreign to my Pacific Northwest upbringing. Big AK Kid entered fifth grade as the only student who had visited Canada, […]

Rugged North Outfitter’s Barn Coat – AKontheGO Gear Review

As any parent of a fashion-conscious yet active child knows, quality is sometimes sacrificed for the sake of coolness. In the realm of winter wear, this becomes not just frustrating, but an issue of safety. How do we make sure kids are dressed appropriately, but with a certain dash of awesome, especially in Alaska, where […]

AKontheGO Family Travel Gear Guide: New Stuff!

New stuff alert! We love new stuff, especially this time of year, when parents, grandparents, and other loving relatives are making gift lists for the holidays. Alaska family travel requires a lot of important “stuff”, we’ve discovered, so when a new product or vendor comes our way, we’re glad to say howdy. See this guy […]

Five Things Every Alaska Traveler Should Carry: AKontheGO Primer

Alaska is unique in both environment and attitude; knowing what to bring, when, and where can mean the difference between a splendid or mediocre experience; or, in a worst-case scenario, a dangerous one. I am forever grateful to the cadre of parents, industry professionals, and seasoned travelers who have helped compile the following list (and […]

Snowshoeing Alaska: No Experience Required

Got your hippety-hop on, this morning? You’ll sure need it to get anywhere in the 49th state, lately. There’s more snow than most of us have seen in a long time, and aside from shoveling it all into an enormous cone-shaped configuration in the front yard, one activity in particular comes to mind – snowshoeing. […]

EXTRA: Ski Swap Season is Upon Us!

As long as we’re talking about skiing, and of course we are these days, we are happy to provide you all with a little listing of upcoming swaps where you and your ever-growing children can gear up for under a million dollars. We love these events; always fun, always exciting, and always where one can […]

Fabulous Fall Activities in Southcentral Alaska

Frost is on the pumpkins here in Alaska; time to break out the hats, mittens, and boots for an autumn of outdoor family fun! With the proper gear, visitors to the 49th state can enjoy a full harvest of family travel, even if the thermometer reads “FREEZING.” Below is a list of AKontheGO’s top picks […]

Monday Morning News: Packs, Places, and Perks

Welcome to Monday, AKontheGO’ers. It was another busy weekend of activity around Alaska, and the work week looks no different. A huge thank you to those who attended our presentation at Eagle River Nature Center on Saturday; we know you had other options for your weekend, and we’re thankful you chose to spend part of […]

Spring Break’s Final Fun Friday: Get Out!

This final Friday of Spring Break 2011 will be greeted with either a shout of delight or a sigh of resignation, depending upon your location and chosen slate of activities this week. I must say, however, the weather up there in Anchorage has been simply lovely, as seen through the screen of the AK Fam […]

A Few of My Favorite Things…

Happy Monday After Christmas! Whew, I need a vacation from Christmas vacation. Do you? AK Fam had a beautiful, wild, and meaningful Christmas, but now I’m antsy to put my best traveling foot forward for 2011. It seems many of you are too, for comments are flying in from readers whose Christmas tree held such […]