ATT Samsung Galaxy S6 Active: Sturdy and durable for busy families

A sponsored post on behalf of ATT. Move over, iPhone, Samsung’s got a sleek competitor jockeying for pole position in the smart device market. ATT provided me with a new Samsung Galaxy S6 Active a few weeks ago, and it’s getting an Alaska-style workout. Remember that Kyocera DuraForce I tried out this summer? While I […]

*NEWS* AK Mom can’t break the Kyocera DuraForce

[sponsored by AT&T and Kyocera DuraForce] Why is this news? Why should you care? Simply put, AKontheGOers, if AK Mom (me) keeps dropping phones into tidepools, off rocky cliffs, or from too-loose pockets of backpacks, YOU won’t receive the most timely, important, breaking news about family travel in Alaska. So there’s that. Earlier this year, […]

Last Chance! Icebreaker Heritage Collection contest ends soon

It was definitely an Icebreaker weekend up in the wild country of Nome, Alaska last week, so it’s a nice feeling to be able to give back to a company that has helped me stay warm on so many adventures. Icebreaker is celebrating 20 years of dressing men, women, and children for their explorations in […]

Eight Must-Pack Items for Alaska Visitors

Packing for a journey can be a joy or a major source of frustration for many Alaska visitors. Unsure about geography, weather patterns, or scheduled activities, people tend to pack for the season at home and not that of the Last Frontier, resulting in uncomfortable experiences at best, and dangerous scenarios at worst. Personally, I […]

Icebreaker Merino: Comfort and style for the entire family

For many people, wool represents the fabric they love to hate, depending upon their experience wearing it. Like me, perhaps they spent childhoods clad in itchy sweaters or marbled gray mittens that stunk to high heaven after a few handfuls of snow. We don’t want to dislike wool, especially when we understand its capabilities to keep […]

Your Alaska Packing List: What to bring, and what to leave home

I saw a tour bus yesterday. Birds are twittering in the trees. Bear tracks are becoming more frequent along my favorite trails. It must be springtime in Alaska, and time to plan the trip of a lifetime. But, alas, I am a chronic over-and-early-packer. Weeks before my scheduled departure, I begin lining up outfits, shoes, […]

Stonz: Durability meets function for kids

My would-be gear reviewer was less than enthusiastic when the box arrived. Sold on favorite winter gear that until now we hadn’t been able to replicate, this new set of mittens and boots promoted nothing more than a casual glance from AK Kid. At first. As a new brand ambassador for children’s outdoor manufacturer Stonz […]

Holiday Gifts For Outdoor-Conscious Families

I love gear gifts; who doesn’t? But I’m always surprised every Christmas morning when AK Kid leaves his new toys behind and retreats to floor space close to the tree, reading new books and sipping his holiday hot cocoa. A reader myself, I couldn’t be more proud, so it was pretty easy to toss a […]

Good Gear: Rugged North Outfitter and the “Kidz Grow” system

  Darn those kids, anyway, for having the nerve to grow two sizes in a single year, leaving parents like me suddenly in a clothing lurch. Am I the only one who has a child whose growth spurts also happen during the shoulder seasons – those wet, chilly times of year when it could rain […]

Giveaway! Alaska-themed books your kids will love

Home, home, I’m home! Despite happily rolling around in bright southern California sunshine, it was wonderful to return to Alaska. It always is. Greeting me on the front porch were two lovely surprises – beautiful children’s books from publisher Sasquatch Books in Seattle. I love books; love their smell, their crisp, new pages, the illustrations. […]

Gear Up! KEEN Basin Boots Rock AK Kid’s World

How appropriate  – the kind folks at Keen Footwear asked us to review their lightweight Basin WP boots  just as a cold snap arrived in southcentral Alaska; and guess what? They work just fine. I’m a bit of a curmudgeon when it comes to warm and dry feet, especially the feet of my son, an 8 […]