Alyeska Ski Club Swap: An annual pilgrimage for Anchorage families

Pre-set the coffeemaker, parents, it’s just about ski swap season. Alyeska Ski Club is hosting their annual swap-until-you-drop event this weekend, October 18-20 at West High School in Anchorage. Often referred to as the biggest, best, and most cacophonous, the “AK Ski Swap” has some new ideas and new procedures to tempt even seasoned attendees. […]

Kaladi Brothers Coffee and Skinny Raven Sports Team Up for Kids!

(A happily-sponsored post) It may be Friday the 13th, but this is your lucky day, parents. Two Anchorage powerhouses of family fitness and community support have teamed up to offer kids a unique way to play outside every day this fall. As our Alaska days grow shorter by leaps and bounds (we lost almost six […]

See the Alaska State Fair: It’s the weekend!

We did it, AKontheGO’ers. We made it through the first three days of the 2013-2014 school year with a minimum of angst. Now, it’s time to celebrate. The Alaska State Fair opened on Thursday, and runs unchecked through Monday, September 2, with games, rides, livestock, and those enormous Alaska vegetables on display. This weekend, in […]

Family-Friendly Fun in Alaska: Is it the weekend, now?

I’ll be the first to admit that in between s’mores and sipping wine before a family campfire, work-related tasks took a backseat during our critical vacation to Oregon. But a travel writer has to take a breather, now and then, especially in August, and especially in Alaska, where sudden fall-like appearances mean a switcheroo of […]

Big Wild Life Runs – Kids’ 2K: Becoming an Anchorage Institution

While I’m away this week, floating around southeast Alaska on a boat, something very important is missing: I can’t run. I can kayak, I can hike, and I can use the fitness machines, but I can’t partake in our family’s favorite fitness activity. Bummer. So in lieu of actually doing the running, I’ll write about […]

Expedition Denali: 10,000 steps of success in Alaska

One can hardly visit Alaska and miss her. Denali, the High One, rising 20, 320 feet above sea level and dwarfing everything in her shadow. A symbol of our state’s grandeur and mystery, Denali (or Mount McKinley, as the peak is formally known) is Alaska to many people, and whether you soar above icy surfaces, […]

Alaska’s Summer Solstice: Family fun under the Midnight Sun

To Alaskans, sunlight is about as valuable as gold, and sometimes, just as hard to find. If you’re currently in the state, you’ve undoubtedly noticed an abundance of sunny skies and the resulting activities they encourage. Alaska residents go crazy for the sun, worship it even, bathing pale bodies in a wash of golden light, […]

Fishing With Kids in Valdez, Alaska: Catch some memories here!

(This is a sponsored post on behalf of Valdez Fish Derbies.) Give a kid a fish, and he might eat it, if you’re lucky. “Uh-uh, no way, I’m NOT trying that.” Teach a kid to fish, and the picture changes. The fish changes. Everything changes. Alaska is about fish. Watching fish, catching fish, smoking and […]

Visiting Kodiak With Kids: Alaska’s “Emerald Isle”

Note: This is the first in our two-part series about Kodiak Island and the town of Kodiak, located approximately 252 air miles from Anchorage. It’s Memorial weekend, and the annual Crab Festival is in full swing at the same time summer seems to have arrived, an ideal recipe for a family vacation. Kodiak is often […]

Alaska Farmers’ Markets Offer Family Connections in the 49th State

I can almost taste summer. While the grass may still be brown, and the leaves remain hidden, Alaska’s farmers are hard at work in their sheltered greenhouses, planting and planning another fantastic season of growing the 49th state. This weekend is considered by many to be the official kick-off of Summer Growing 2013, with markets […]

USS Anchorage Family Hike on Friday!

AK Fam just returned from the wonderful Dock at the Block event to celebrate the arrival of the USS Anchorage to our fair city. She sailed into port this morning, and it’s been non-stop work and play since then, as you can see by our photo gallery, above… As promised, here are the details for […]