Savor Alaska’s Bounty With Kids

Alaskans know; in several weeks the landscape will change from green to gold, and the rush for winter preparations begins. Now is the time to reap what we, and Mother Nature, have sown; from berries to broccoli, August is prime time for savoring Alaska’s produce. It’s also a great way to introduce kids to the […]

Alaska on the Go: July 4 and beyond

How does Alaska celebrate July 4? With a parade, of course, so the Alaska on the Go family took a time-out from planning four (yes, four) trips to watch the good citizens of Anchorage gather together for a bang-up Independence Day. There were fire trucks, a reindeer, a community band; you name it, we had […]

Alaska and Independence Day: Great ways to celebrate with kids

Tomorrow is the first Thursday of July, which means it’s also time to wake up very, very early and join my friends James Gaddis and Megan Mazurek on the set of KTVA’s Daybreak. ‘Alaska Family Fun Expert’ is a title I am proud to own, and with a long holiday weekend ahead of us, I’m […]

Summer Solstice in Alaska: Bring on the ‘Midnight Sun’

Alaskans love summer so much they are prone to exhaustion. The reason? Perpetual twilight, known as ‘Midnight Sun,’ a phenomenon that causes lawn mowing at 10 p.m., restless children who refuse to go to bed, and endless sessions of fishing along a riverbank. A springtime rush of light with a daily gain of more than […]

Memorial Day in Alaska: Family experiences to share

“How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!” ~ Maya Angelou Each spring AKontheGO takes a personal time-out to remember men and women who gave their lives for the United States of America; however, where ever, and whenever we’re able. Memorial Day 2014 takes place on Monday, May 26, […]

Fur Rendezvous 2014 an Anchorage Tradition for the Whole Family

Celebrate winter; that’s what Alaskans do, with a hearty dose of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” spirit. And why not? A season that lasts and lasts, and lasts some more, Alaska and snow fit together like skies and boots. I can also note with complete authenticity that Alaskans do love a good party, […]

Celebrate an Alaska Winter Solstice: Five events the kids will love

It’s no secret that Alaska’s odd relationship with day and night is a major draw for visitors, and why not? The allure of a “midnight sun” shining at all hours, or hardly shining at all before dipping beneath a frozen horizon is positively intoxicating. Saturday is winter solstice in Alaska, and it’s time to wake […]

Alaska Zoo Lights Up Northern Nights

If there is one thing Alaskans take very seriously, it’s exterior illumination. From Ketchikan to Fairbanks and well beyond, Alaska residents can be seen tacking up strings of twinkling holiday lights soon after Halloween, if not before. It’s dark up here, and nothing lights up the night better than a little cheerful glimmer from the […]

Veterans Day and Alaska Round Up

Veterans Day Tomorrow is Veterans Day, and I couldn’t be prouder to celebrate those in my family who have served. AK Dad’s father, who served aboard U.S. Navy submarines in WWII and spent a career under the sea; my great aunt, who “borrowed” an older sister’s birth certificate to enlist in the U.S. Army Nursing […]

Halloween in Alaska: Last-minute ideas for spooky family fun

Greetings, dahlings, and welcome to a special Halloween edition from AKontheGO. We’re doing the Monster Mash around here today, in anticipation of a candy-fueled, costume-clad October 31 of Alaska family fun. Below are five options, statewide, for unique and often creepy-crawly Halloween fun. Ready – grab your favorite chocolate bar, and let’s get to it! […]