Get Set For a Frosty Time at Fur Rondy

Hard to believe that the end of February is nigh, and the start of Fur Rendezvous 2010 is but a week away. It’s even harder to belive if you look outside and view weather that smacks of April, what whatever. The calendar says its February, so here we are. AK Fam is in the midst […]

Anchorage Museum Brings the Force Close to Home

Very satisfied, I am today. I spent a fair bit of Tuesday morning at the Anchorage Museum’s  newest traveling exhibit “Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination”, treating myself to a dose of both nostalgia and anticipation. I was nine when the first (really, the fourth) Star Wars movie was released and our family stood in line […]

Rah, Rah, Rendezvous! Fur Rondy is Coming…

Oh boy, only a few more weeks until we get to Rondy! This holds great significance for Alaskans. For one thing, it means Winter is rapidly moving towards “Un-Winter”, with more daylight and warmer temperatures on the way. For another, it means a solid week-plus of fun, fun, fun Alaskan-style. And we dig it. ‘Way […]

Fun Friday Returns With….A Polar Bear Party!

Yippeee, it’s Friday, everybody, and time to celebrate a bunch of fun stuff going on in the Anchorage area this weekend. We have polar bears celebrating birthdays and ice skating on tap for your enjoyment. The biggie is, of course, the annual birthday party for the Alaska Zoo delightful polar-duo, Louie and Ahpuhn, two of […]

This is for the Alaska Girls

We all know that Alaska girls kick some serious you-know-what when it comes to outdoor sports, and Nordic skiing is no exception. Anchorage leads the way for girl-dom with its already famous Ski for Women event, held on Super Bowl Sunday every year. We dress up in funny costumes and ski our little hearts out […]

AKontheGO Attends Polar Plunge 2009

To those brave, brave souls who shed their outerwear for swimsuits today, I raise a glass to you with my heartiest congratulations. Over a span of four hours, almost 100 people jumped, hopped, and screamed their way into this year’s 2009 Polar Plunge to benefit Special Olympics Alaska. It was a bone-chilling, teeth-chattering 2 degrees […]

Fun Friday Celebrates Winter Solstice

Hear that? It’s the sound of thousands of cheering Alaskans, celebrating the fact that come Monday, we’ll be moving towards more light instead of less. Ahhhh, Winter Solstice. AK Fam will be at Goose Lake this weekend, celebrating the Solstice in two very different, but equally entertaining ways. The first requires a lot of, um, […]

Woot! It’s Fun Friday! Let’s Go Fishing

Whoa, wasn’t it just Monday a few days ago? I tell you, December is flying by faster than Santa’s reindeer on a sugar rush. Fun Friday kicks off with a special edition dedicated to the folks who support and organize the Richard Frieisinger Jewel Lake Ice Fishing Jamboree. For the last 22 years, thousands of […]

Fun Friday Means Fun All Weekend

It’s a holly, jolly Friday in December, and that means time to list some of the family-friendly activities and events in our area this weekend. First, though, we need to provide an update from our friends at the Alaska Railroad. Due to the avalanche danger present along the tracks to Seward, the Annual Holiday Train […]

Welcome the Holiday Season in Downtown Anchorage

I had to double-check my calendar this morning to be sure that next week was indeed the first of December. My inbox has been flooded with emails informing AKontheGO of upcoming holiday activities, events, and happenings all around Anchorage, beginning this weekend. To welcome the “official” start to the 2009 holiday season, the Anchorage Downtown […]

Fun Friday Fixin’s at AKontheGO

Yep, another Friday is upon us, and we’re all excited about two very different activities in Anchorage this weekend. One is geared for the ‘tweens and early teens of the family and requires a bit more moxy, given predicted chilly temperatures; the other just requires enthusiasm, something easily found in most AK. The Campbell Creek […]