Welcome to an Anchorage Monday

Let’s just start right off with a big AK Fam welcome to passengers and crew of the Holland America line’s MS Amsterdam. The ship arrives today as part of a new 14-day itinerary from Seattle. Passengers will have an entire day to devote to Anchorage and environs, sailing out of Cook Inlet around 11 p.m. […]

AKontheGO Brings You Bear Safety

Here are all the details for the amazing “Bear Safety for Families” class being held on Wednesday, June 2 at the Campbell Creek Science Center in Anchorage from 7-9 p.m. This class is an excellent opportunity for parents, caregivers, teachers, camp counselors; anyone who works with or for children. Taught cooperatively by Colleen Carlson of  the Bureau of Land Management, […]

Fun Friday: A Weekend of Mom-Inspired Fun

Zippety-do-dah! What a lovely day ahead of us, AKontheGO’ers. It’s the Fun Friday before Mother’s Day and there are events, activities, and a few side trips we have ro recommend for everyone (even though we’ll place a heavy emphasis on Mom, because, after all, she reigns this weekend). Ahem, AK Dad, got that?   First, though, […]

Farmer’s Market Season Kicks off This Weekend

Alaskans are just itching to get into the dirt. Garden dirt, that is, and this weekend is the kick-off date for many farmer’s markets. As those who grew up in this 49th state can attest, nothing beats fresh veggies and berries after a long winter of mushy apples and oranges from Outside. The quest to […]

Monday, Monday. How’d it Get Here So Fast?

AK Fam is in a definite funk this morning, thanks in part to the rain, but more due to AK Kid’s hot ear that kept him, and subsequently us, up all night. Before I crawl back in my warm bed to recoup my losses, here’s a little smorgasboard of stuff that’s on my mind today […]

Fun Friday For Your Family

Well, yesterday’s little snowstorm sure gave me a bit of a start, how about you? Here AK Kid and I were, just minding our own business down at Potter Marsh and the Coastal Wildlife Refuge, and WHOOSH; here came the driving snow and wind. Made me want to change our name to HIontheGO. But now […]

What a (Kid’s) Day!

Just a quick note of thanks for all the parents, grandparents, friends, and caregivers of children who stopped by the Get Outdoors Anchorage booth to say hi to AKontheGO. It was a wonderfully-crazy sort of day and everybody seemed to truly be interested in outdoor recreation with the kiddos. I’m about ready to collapse on […]

Fun Friday: A Kid’s Paradise This Weekend

There’s just so much kid-friendly stuff happening this weekend I’m hoping I can get it all! It seems as if everybody connected to kids and their needs is gathering together for some good times, so here you go… Kid’s Day kicks off at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning at the Dena’ina Center in downtown Anchorage. Free […]

It’s Children and Nature Awareness Month: Mud, Anyone?

April has arrived full-steam ahead, and with it comes Children and Nature Awareness Month, sponsored in part by our friends at the Children and Nature Network  and AKontheGO’s favorite author Richard Louv, author of “Last Child in the Woods”. There are a lot of reasons to celebrate; kids and the grownups who love them are […]

The Sun is Up: Time to Get Going!

It’s a gorgeous Saturday morning, and AK Fam is preparing for its annual arrival of friends for Easter Dinner tomorrow. We’re polishing up the Kids’ Table and giving those little eggs a coat of many colors for the party, but we won’t neglect our outdoor time. No way. Trails are looking better; pavement is all […]

Hippety Hoppety: Tons of Kid-Friendly Fun This Weekend

A full weekend of spring-y, Easter-related fun is ready for your family! A little warm weather makes for some fine conditions for getting out and about, as well as finding those hidden Easter Eggs. Have you colored yours, yet? AK Dad stayed home today just so we could accomplish the task a’ la Paas… If […]