It’s Fair Weather for Fun Friday, and Alaskans Head Outside

Raise your hand if you’re ready for a little outside adventure after frenzied, first-weeks-of-school activities? Yep, me, too. Thankfully, Alaskans are by no means ready to bid summer goodbye and the lineup of family-friendly activities proves it, courtesy of Alaska Center for Pediatrics in Anchorage, caring for 49th state kiddos since 1982. REMEMBER, this is […]

Fun Friday of Fairs, Festivals, and a Big, Wild, Run

Welcome to another AKontheGO Fun Friday, proudly sponsored by the Alaska Center for Pediatrics in Anchorage, caring for kids since 1982. We’re glad to have ACP on board, because this is one busy weekend in Alaska! Mui big shouts to all those organizations and individuals who have already posted their events and kid-friendly activities upon […]

Fairs and Festivals Take Center Stage on Fun Friday

The weekend has arrived, and so has the sunshine (finally!). I’m lucky; I am in Fairbanks getting Big AK Kid all set for school next week, and also taking adavantage of some events this Interior Alaska town has to offer before fall sets in. It’s sunny here, too, but I can already tell temperatures are […]

Follow Us to Fun Friday in Alaska!

Is this really August, or has October somehow jumped the gun and blasted its way into our Fun Friday? Good morning, AKontheGO’ers, time for our weekly roundup of family fun around southcentral Alaska. For those who may have (god forbid) missed the Alaska Travelgram Show this week, give a listen to our podcast right HERE. […]

A ‘Beary’ Fun Friday! Critters Take Center Stage This Weekend

Bears are a major focus of our weekend plans, thanks to a big festival in Eagle River and a new tour option happening at a favorite family destination. This is AKontheGO’s last Fun Friday in Anchorage for a while as we pack up and head south to the Inside Passage for our two-week Alaska Marine […]

It’s a Red, White, and Blue Fun Friday!

Warm and sunny weekend wishes to all AKontheGO’ers. I’m sure you are crossing your fingers for a continuation of this fine summer weather. It’s a three-day holiday weekend ahead of us, so let’s get some star-spangeled, super-duper family fun on tap for the weekend, brought to you by Alaska Center for Pediatrics, proud sponsor of […]

Fun in the Sun! Alaska Gears Up for Father’s Day Weekend

I’m blinded by the light……can’t. see. After a week of gloom, things look pretty darned cheerful outside southcentral Alaska this morning. This is more like it, and just in time for Summer Solstice, too. Fun Friday has arrived again, courtesy of Alaska Center for Pediatrics, caring for kids like yours and mine since 1982. It’s […]

Festive Friday in Alaska

I think today’s post might just as well be titled “Festival Friday” for all the parties going on in celebration of one Alaskan tradition or another. That’s the great thing about summer in the 49th state; our window for festivities is so narrow, we know we’d better cram them in while we can. In fact, […]

Trails and Trains and Blooming Things: Fun Friday!

Whoa, it’s June. How did it get to be June? Seems like yesterday it was May. We’ve a full slate of first Fun Friday in June activities for the whole family, courtesy of Alaska Center for Pediatrics in Anchorage, caring for kids since 1982. First, though, AKontheGO’ers can find the podcast for our show on […]

Remembering the Fallen: Memorial Day in Southcentral Alaska

Alaska is a state with deep ties to the military. From WWII to present day, service men and women have defended our country and lives with the utmost in dedication, and sometimes with the ultimate sacrifice. Today is Memorial Day, and rather than provide AKontheGO readers with a list of the best picnic spots or […]

Fun Friday in Nature’s Own Theme Park

A funny realization hit me last night on the return flight from Southern California via jetBlue. After three days of Magic Kingdom, sunshine, and pampering by the good folks at Disney, I wanted to come home. In the same way legions of children lit up when Mickey or Cinderella came walking up to greet them […]