Fun Friday in Alaska: It’s Looking a Lot Like Christmas!

Dashing through the snow, ho, ho, ho, and mistletoe! Welcome to another beautiful Fun Friday in Alaska, courtesy of Alaska Center for Pediatrics, caring for kiddos since 1982. This weekend is FULL, folks. So full, in fact, I’m not even sure Santa could keep up, much less a coffee-deprived mother from Anchorage who is still […]

Ho Ho Ho, Here We AKontheGO! Fun Friday Dashes Through the Snow

All we need is the one-horse-open sleigh, right? It’s a jingle bell sort of Fun Friday around here, with all this merriment to kick off another holiday season in Alaska. There’s so much going on, in fact, that the Calendar of Events (see button, above) has all but run out of room. Thanks so […]

Fun Friday In Alaska: No Black Required

What could be better than eating a lot, sleeping in, then waking up to fluffy snow falling outside? Eating, sleeping, waking up to snow, AND having a full calendar of pre-holiday fun sitting in your inbox, that’s what. It is indeed post-Thanksgiving Fun Friday, typically one of our busiest posts of the year, and we’re […]

Fun Friday: Catch That Turkey! (Or A Spaceship, or a Skier)

Now that I have your attention…. It’s a beautiful, if a wee bit chilly, Fun Friday in Alaska and we’re all bundled up and ready to share with you some warm and cozy options for your weekend and the weeks ahead. Thanks as always to our friends at Alaska Center for Pediatrics, caring for Last […]

Travelgram Recap and Upcoming Veterans Day Hotspots

Yesterday’s Alaska Travelgram Show (Podcast HERE) was a fabulous hour of travel power. Not only was Scott McMurren reporting live from the Emerald City of Seattle, giving us the 411 on where to stay and play during the late-autumn months, but in the studio with moi was Eileen Floyd of the Alaska Zoo with tons […]

AKontheGO’s Fun Friday for Snowy Alaskan Adventures!

Hard to believe, isn’t it, that last Friday I was crossing my gloved fingers for snow, and here we are today talking about skiing, snowshoeing, and frosty footpaths. Winter sure roared into town, didn’t it? But we here at the AKontheGO office are ready, because we’re always ready to provide your family with the utmost […]

Frightfully-Fantastic-Fun-Friday: It’s Halloween at AKontheGO!

Let the kids sleep in a bit while you peruse our absolutely incredible lineup of Halloween weekend activities. The combination of learning and fun just sends me to the moon this year; or, at least, to the pantry for a little Milky Way pick-me-up. Especially after looking at this photo (above) of AK Dad making […]

Planning Ahead for a “Howl-ween” to Remember in Alaska

While the traditional neighborhood march a’la costume is indeed alive and well in Alaska (AK Kid can attest to that), many popular tourist attractions double their efforts for unique Halloween celebrations that capture the required amount of spookiness with a little learning thrown in alongside those candy bars and fruit snacks. Visiting the 49th state […]

EXTRA: Ski Swap Season is Upon Us!

As long as we’re talking about skiing, and of course we are these days, we are happy to provide you all with a little listing of upcoming swaps where you and your ever-growing children can gear up for under a million dollars. We love these events; always fun, always exciting, and always where one can […]

AKontheGO’s Weekend Winners

AKontheGO may be working the travel biz down here in Juneau at the Alaska Travel Industry Association’s annual convention, but we still have your lineup of super family-friendly activities for the upcoming weekend. Remember that you can post your own event or activity via the “Calendar of Events” tab (above), or by sending us an […]

AKontheGO Weekend Winners for October 1!

Who’s looking out their window this morning and seeing snow atop the mountains? Yep, we are, too. Here we go, everyone, time to hustle our bustle and keep heading outdoors with the kids, and we’ve got some super family-friendly events to share, courtesy of our friends at Alaska Center for Pediatrics in Anchorage. Fairbanks, you […]