and AK Fam’s latest post on Fairbanks

Hey, it’s still toasty hot up in Fairbanks, Alaska. Have a little time? Try these two fabulous opportunities, found in  our most recent post for KTUU Television’s travel web site, Click the link and read all about it. Ahhh, just looking at the pictures makes me wish we were back up there! Happy Monday, […]

One Small Sparrow…Alaska Bird Observatory Makes an Impression

The air held a bit of a chill early this morning as our little AK Fam hiked over to Creamer’s Field Migration Station. Damp grass swished against our legs and wheat grasses moved ever so slightly in the presence of hundreds of Sandhill Cranes resting and feeding and living on their way east and south […]

Wedgewood Resort Offers More than Lodging

One of AK Fam’s prime directives this week is to discover attractions and/or experiences that will provide a bit of insight into the flora and fauna making Alaska unique. Staying at Wedgewood Resort  off College Road in Fairbanks, access to all that and more was right at our doorstep. Wedgewood Wildlife Sanctuary, property owned by Fountainhead Hotels […]

Thursday Night Arrival in Fairbanks: AK Fam is on the Go

AK Fam is settled into our temporary home-away-from-home after a beautiful drive from McKinley Princess Lodge to Fairbanks. Even though the bipolar weather kept us guessing (sunglasses on?-sunglasses off?) we enjoyed our trek through Denali National Park, where we met up with our friends the Harrisons who are just millimeters away (on the map) from […]

Full-Speed to Fairbanks

We’re packing up the fam, loading the car, and moving out today. AKontheGO is returning to Fairbanks, since we so enjoyed our trip last March. This time, though, we’re going to be exploring the agricultural scheme of Interior Alaska; what makes this area so attractive for farmers and wild birds and those hardy souls who first settled Fairbanks […]