Fairbanks Children’s Museum: Imagination comes alive through play

It’s hard not to get caught up in squeals of discovery at Fairbanks Children’s Museum. Every second, it seems, is filled with a shout or giggle or exclamation from a young person, and that makes Brenda Riley very, very happy. Riley, executive director of the museum and a lifelong Alaskan, knows the value of dedicated […]

Far North Winter Fun in Fairbanks: Bring the kids!

While friends lounge on a sandy beach, or pound their fists into well-worn baseball gloves at Spring Training games, you and your kids can be experiencing one of the best spring break destinations on the planet. Fairbanks is a pretty hot place for cool stuff involving the outdoors, and, thankfully, most of it is pretty […]

Reindeer Ranch in Fairbanks: A family must-see

Fact: Reindeer are the coolest Arctic creature, ever. Who would have thought a hooved, antlered, slightly slimy-nosed member of the deer family (Cervidae) could attract so much attention, Santa Claus aside? Turns out, people are flocking to Fairbanks and the Running Reindeer Ranch to meet, greet, and touch these interesting critters, and I am now […]

Aurora Borealis in Alaska: Bucket list, check

Author Scott Adams said “What makes the universe so hard to comprehend is that there’s nothing to compare it with.” I think he’s on to something, especially when one considers the aurora borealis, or northern lights. Humans want to understand the swirling curtain of color that dominates the night sky, with websites, apps, and even […]

Fabulous Fairbanks. It’s still winter in the Golden Heart City

It’s a beautiful day to go somewhere! I’m headed up to Fairbanks, Interior Alaska’s most populated city and home to all sorts of family-friendly activities and attractions, year round. Invited to an aurora party with 1st Alaska Outdoor School, I’ve now added a stroll through the forest with a herd of reindeer, a trip to […]

Fairbanks Museum Without Walls a Perfect Family Day

What fun to have AKontheGO correspondents across the state! Today we hear from Meadow Bailey of Fairbanks, PR pro and mom to two girls. Meadow and her crew are fans of the Fairbanks Children’s Museum, a “virtual museum” receiving rave reviews from Interior families. Why? Read Meadow’s review, and see if you don’t want to […]

Alaska Public Lands Centers Offer Year-Round Family Fun

Oh, my, we’re back in the minus digits up here in Alaska. My friends in beautiful Fairbanks reported a frigid -34F for a high yesterday, and here in Anchorage, our thermometer registered a mere -10F. AK Dog and I shivered mightily during our much-shortened walk , that’s for sure, and we’re turning on the heat […]

Fall in Alaska Means Kid-Friendly Fun

While this weekend typically marks an end to another Alaska summer, plenty of family-friendly options remain for children and parents to explore, indoors and out. Whether vacationing in Alaska, or simply searching for a way to keep kids active, many attractions throughout the state are keeping their doors open for a little fall fun. Best […]

Family-Friendly Museums in Fairbanks, Alaska

Providence smiled upon me this Memorial Weekend as I explored every museum Fairbanks, Alaska had to offer. Bring it on. A slight advantage of traveling sans AK Kid was my ability to truly immerse my mom-self in as many of these historical examples of daily life, culture, and history of Interior Alaska as possible. It […]

Fun Friday in the Far North: Memorial Weekend for Alaska

Even though summer seems to be missing in action today, Alaska’s communities are gearing up for Memorial weekend and the many activities signaling an arrival of longer days, warmer weather, and tons of visitors. AK Fam is happy to jump right in, of course, and I’ve kicked things off with a short visit to the […]

Five Great Activities in Alaska For Smaller Children: Part Two

We’re heading further north to the Golden Heart City of Fairbanks this week as part of our three part series for parents of smaller children. Last week, we explored southcentral Alaska and found some pretty fun stuff for kids age 0-5, and now we head to the other major hub city, Fairbanks. Fairbanks, located 360 […]