A Sunny Fun Friday!

A very sunshine-y Fun Friday to you all! This is the weekend when Alaska “officially” opens for the summer season, and what a day to kick off another fabulous season of exploring the 49th state. AKontheGO has been working frantically (but happily) in search of the finest in family fun this weekend; from birds to […]

Lifting Me Higher: Mother’s Day Weekend in Valdez

It’s not the average Mother’s Day weekend, I’ll admit. Peering into the guts of an Alaskan bush airplane and schmoozing with Carhartt-clad pilots while noshing on a cheeseburger at tarmac’s edge. But I’ll be a monkey’s mother if it wasn’t one of the best three days I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing with my […]

Fun Friday Rocks for Celebrating Mothers and Spring

There is so much information to share today regarding the upcoming Mother’s Day weekend of special events, activities, and outdoor fun that we’re going to take a different tack; instead of listing events by day, we’re going to list by category, giving your family a chance to choose by interest. It goes without saying, however, […]

Flying High to Valdez, AKontheGO’s Numero Uno

Only two more days until AK Fam packs up and heads toward the beautiful fjords and scenic vistas of our 2010 Numero Uno destination, Valdez. Yes, we’re going, even though snow still rests upon the towering mountains and mud predominates hiking trails and yards; because it’s springtime, and AK Fam, like most Alaskans, is jumping […]

Big Wild Wednesday!

Let’s just start things off talking about coffee. After all, it is nearly 4 p.m. and I have still not received the promised “get up and go” from my first four cups. Sheesh. I should have brewed up a pot of that new, signature coffee co-designed by the Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau and Kaladi […]

Native Youth Olympics a Cultural Opportunity for Visitors

One cannot go wrong exploring the richness of Alaska’s Native people. It is the rare tour that does not take at least a brief look into the many indigenous groups possessing traditions going back thousands of years and setting the stage for Alaska’s past, present, and future. In fact, so much of our state’s heritage […]

Fun Friday: This Weekend’s All For Kids!

Kids’ Day. That’s pretty much our language today. “When is Kids’ Day?!” Yes, parents of Anchorage-area kids: Tomorrow is indeed Kids’ Day, and we’ve got you covered with the wherefores and how-come’s right here at AKontheGO Fun Friday, proudly sponsored by Alaska Center for Pediatrics. SATURDAY: Kids’ Day is our top family activity for Saturday, since […]

Monday Morning Newsflash: Got ‘Free’?

Monday, Monday, how did you get here so quickly? Must be all that daylight outside. A mish-mash of useful information is what we have today, starting with some incredible deals AK Fam found this weekend at our favorite outdoor recreation store, REI, dressing me since I was but a baby in my father’s funky blue […]

Spring Break Report From AK Fam’s Favorite Teen and Travelgram ReCap

Welcome to Wednesday, AKontheGO’ers. We’ve made it halfway through our first post-Spring Break week and the switch to Daylight Savings Time. Is it the weekend, yet? Yikes. For those who may have missed yesterday’s Alaska Travelgram Show (mercy, why would you do that?), here are a few links to important resources discussed by Mr. Scott […]

Little Hill Means Big Fun for Military Families

It’s never easy to move from one place to another, AK Fam knows. Pulling up roots, however temporary, is painful, and for kids it can be doubly so. Just ask AK Dad. The product of a Navy and Red Cross Field Manager father, he was transported from one state or foreign country so often during […]

Bureau of Land Management Offers Families Winter Fun

Alaska is full of remote recreational opportunities to tantalize the Into the Wild-child in all of us. That’s why many people visit the 49th state; to enter the woods, tundra, or ocean with an intimacy not found in most of the Lower 48. Heck, that’s how most of Alaska’s non-native population got here in the […]