Sirius Sled Dogs Mush Families to Alaska Adventure

The noise started even before we got out of the van. High-pitched squeals, rumbling barks, and nearly 100 paws crunching on icy Alaska snow. It was time to get serious about dogs. Sirius Sled Dogs, that is. One of those Alaska adventure experiences many dream about but few actually initiate, spending several hours or days […]

Fort Rosseau Causeway in Sitka: A state park of consequence

  You can see it from the runway of Sitka’s airport, extending in a lanky chain of muddled forest and rock. It doesn’t look like much, at first, but upon the mossy floors of the Fort Rousseau Causeway State Historical Park lies more Alaska WWII history than most kids will ever receive in school. Sitka’s […]

Alaska Travel Meets a Need Through a Simple Field Trip

“The water is wide, I can’t cross ‘oer. And neither have I wings to fly. Build me a boat that will carry two, and both shall row…”  This was a week of humility. Travel accomplishes this quite nicely, especially in Alaska where Mother Nature doesn’t always go along with the prescribed plan. My pal and […]

Encouraging Kids to ‘Dream Big’ and See the World

We’re entertaining this week, and not just the average touring family. Several months ago I received a Facebook  message from a very nice woman named Sally, who had a request. “My seven year-old son, Natie, has always wanted to visit Alaska; he’s sold cupcakes and treats at our local community market every week for more […]

Expedition Denali: 10,000 steps of success in Alaska

One can hardly visit Alaska and miss her. Denali, the High One, rising 20, 320 feet above sea level and dwarfing everything in her shadow. A symbol of our state’s grandeur and mystery, Denali (or Mount McKinley, as the peak is formally known) is Alaska to many people, and whether you soar above icy surfaces, […]

Facing Fear, Together: Mothers do it all in Alaska

Note: I wrote this piece for the May issue of Alaska Coast magazine, believing that, like a lot of things associated with motherhood, uncomfortable situations come with the territory, starting with the moment kids announce their arrival in this world. AK Kid is growing up, taking every opportunity to fly, run, jump, or in this […]

Make-A-Wish and AKontheGO: Teaming up for kids

When I was 10, I wanted to be a cowboy, badly. I wore a Lone Ranger outfit nearly every day, swaggered better than John Wayne, and owned more cowboy boots than Roy Rogers. “If only….” I thought, roping my little sister and reading stacks of cowboy mystery books that piled up on the floor of […]

Kennicott Glacier Lodge at Kennecott Mines National Historic Landmark: Kid Mecca

Yippeee – there’s internet this morning! Here’s a quick post, AKontheGO’ers, before the weather gods descend their misty, cloudy, snowy stuff upon us once again. Yep, AK Fam is way, way back in the wilds of Alaska at the beautiful Kennicott Glacier Lodge, owned by the very gracious Rich Kirkwood, and Rich’s lovely lodge is […]

El Capitan Cave – A Southeast Alaska Sweet Spot for Big Kids

Caves, in Alaska? Well, I never…. It’s true, readers; gored deep into the core of Prince of Wales Island sits a marvel of geology and anthropology just waiting for older children to explore as part of a southeast Alaska family vacation. El Capitan Cave Interpretive Site is a 13,000-foot wormhole of rock – the largest […]

InnerSea Discoveries and the Un-Cruise: Mingling With Mother Nature

Below is the first in a series of posts related to AK Fam’s recent cruise aboard the Wilderness Discoverer, one of several InnerSea Discoveries vessels sailing around southeast Alaska.  It was an “almost-sound” that woke me. A steady, quiet noise unlike that of boat engines, the hum of which had lulled me to sleep the […]

ZIPPETY-Do-Dah! Denali Zipline Tours a Brand New Option for Family Fun

Alaska is famous for a lot of things; endless wilderness, icy glaciers, wild creatures. Now it’s famous for canopy-jumpers. Zippers, if you will – people who spend their days frolicking among the stands of spruce and cottonwood near the town of Talkeetna, Alaska, a place already famous for a cat-mayor and mountain climbing. It’s time […]