Girdwood Makes Family Fun Easy

The sun sinks behind craggy mountains of southcentral Alaska around 4 p.m. these days, leaving a legion of locals more determined than ever to get outdoors among fresh air, frosty fog, and gorgeous vistas, our family included. As winter’s reach creeps closer and closer, many Anchorage residents are finding accessible family respite in the small […]

Alaska Holiday Destinations for Families

No matter if your family hails from over the river and through the woods, across the country or around the world, Alaska is a delightful place to spend the holiday season. The 49th state has everything one would expect from a picture-postcard landscape, right down to the snow, and we’re going to tell you how […]

Alaska Botanical Garden: A Family-Friendly Day Trip

Writer Emilie Barnes once said “Grow what you love.” As parents, we do that, don’t we? Nurture our little potted plants so they bloom with utter joy at being alive in this big, wonderful garden of a world? Then, there must be no better place to combine nurture with nature in a family-friendly way than […]

Far North Winter Fun in Fairbanks: Bring the kids!

While friends lounge on a sandy beach, or pound their fists into well-worn baseball gloves at Spring Training games, you and your kids can be experiencing one of the best spring break destinations on the planet. Fairbanks is a pretty hot place for cool stuff involving the outdoors, and, thankfully, most of it is pretty […]

Aurora Borealis in Alaska: Bucket list, check

Author Scott Adams said “What makes the universe so hard to comprehend is that there’s nothing to compare it with.” I think he’s on to something, especially when one considers the aurora borealis, or northern lights. Humans want to understand the swirling curtain of color that dominates the night sky, with websites, apps, and even […]

Alaska’s Winter Festivals Great for Families

Mid-winter has arrived in Alaska, and though this time of year typically sends a rush of residents to Hawaii or Mexico, it also marks the beginning of winter festival season. The fun starts this weekend in Anchorage and migrates north toward Fairbanks, and even those who don’t like cold can’t argue with the beauty of […]

Arctic Valley Ski Area Means Close-In Winter Recreation

With only a handful of alpine skiing destinations dotting Alaska maps, and except for the flashy and extremely successful Alyeska Resort, most 49th state alpine skiers rely upon mom n’ pop operations to provide adequate schussing and stemming. One such ski area, Arctic Valley/Alpenglow, located in the Chugach mountains just east of Anchorage, is a […]

Alaska Boredom-Busters: Family Fun Stuff

We’re in the homestretch, parents, congratulate yourself on a vacation well-spent. Even though Alaska’s weather didn’t exactly cooperate, our family found many ways to enjoy two weeks of blissful togetherness. Well, mostly blissful. How about you? Need a little push to motivate the kids toward fun and frivolity before heading back to school? Try these […]

Christmas in Talkeetna, Alaska: Bring the Family

Cue the cozy fire, hot cocoa, and vintage carols. AKontheGO spent the weekend before Christmas in beautiful downtown Talkeetna in a postcard-perfect setting surrounded by the best of Alaska’s best. With visiting grandparents, two sons of varying ages, and a beautiful weather forecast, it seemed the perfect opportunity to hop aboard an Alaska Railroad train […]

Five Alaska Holiday Hotspots: Bring the Family!

Okay. Halls decked. Larders full of holiday treats, check. Kids reminded of manners and required behavior at the dinner table, double check. I guess AK Grandma and Grandpa can arrive, now! This is our last post before we hop on board the Christmas crazy train, and frankly, we can’t wait. We have a full lineup […]

Winter, Alaska-Style: Family Fun and Holiday Highjinks

Oh, dear AKontheGO’ers, I have been pondering this post all day. Is it right to talk about smiling faces, bright shiny places, and beautiful moments of holiday joy in the midst of darkness and incomprehensible tragedy? While parents far across the country grieve their empty arms tonight, dare I share that all is calm, and […]