Fur Rendezvous 2014 an Anchorage Tradition for the Whole Family

Celebrate winter; that’s what Alaskans do, with a hearty dose of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” spirit. And why not? A season that lasts and lasts, and lasts some more, Alaska and snow fit together like skies and boots. I can also note with complete authenticity that Alaskans do love a good party, […]

Eaglecrest Ski Area: Juneau family fun

The tires on our rented Subaru splashed and slid through nearly six inches of wet, heavy snow as we drove through Alaska’s capital city of Juneau. That we were here at all seemed a miracle; precip had combined with heavy fog to make visibility near zero, to the point where even our skilled Alaska Airlines […]

Iditarod 2014 Start Updates: Where will it be?

It’s a winter of extremes in the United States; everywhere, it seems, but Alaska. After a brilliant start to our longest season, winter seems to have deserted the Last Frontier for southern climates, leaving 49th state residents scratching their heads in disbelief. In the case of Iditarod 2014, however, head-scratching is being followed by a […]

Sirius Sled Dogs Mush Families to Alaska Adventure

The noise started even before we got out of the van. High-pitched squeals, rumbling barks, and nearly 100 paws crunching on icy Alaska snow. It was time to get serious about dogs. Sirius Sled Dogs, that is. One of those Alaska adventure experiences many dream about but few actually initiate, spending several hours or days […]

Alyeska Resort Extends Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month Through February

It’s Sunday morning, and we are not upon the slopes of Alyeska Resort in Girdwood. We are, instead, watching dark and gloomy rain clouds threaten the remaining patches of ice and snow on our lawn, and drawing straws to see who’ll pick up the dog poop. Alaska’s weather has been nothing short of wacky these […]

A Taste of Alaska Lodge: Interior Alaska sets the table for families

Fuzzy black ears poked out from behind a snowbank as we drove up to A Taste of Alaska Lodge near Fairbanks, followed by a wiggling, licking welcome from ‘Dawson,’ an adolescent sled dog puppy with a penchant for greeting newcomers. My son, tired from an early-morning flight from Anchorage and a busy afternoon of exploring […]

Alyeska Resort and Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month: Nice!

With a 10:30 a.m. lesson to kick off Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month, AK Kid was a little reticent to climb out of bed and motivate on a dark Saturday morning. Questions streamed from his still-groggy mouth, however, as evidence of the real reason for his sluggery. Would he know anybody? Would he look […]

Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month in Alaska: “Go With a Pro!”

Never will I forget my first day on skis. Clunky, heavy boots upon my feet, strapped to equally clunky skis, I slapped and slid my way to an ancient rope tow at Snoqualmie Pass Ski Area. It was 1975, and I was seven. My father was my teacher. About an hour later, after struggling to […]

Celebrating an Alaska New Year’s Eve With Kids

The older I get, the more I appreciate the value of a New Year’s Eve celebration to wash away any tough stuff from the previous year, scrubbing me happy for the upcoming 12 months of adventure. Like turning my backpack inside-out and shaking it vigorously to remove trash, grit, and other junk accumulated during my […]

Celebrate an Alaska Winter Solstice: Five events the kids will love

It’s no secret that Alaska’s odd relationship with day and night is a major draw for visitors, and why not? The allure of a “midnight sun” shining at all hours, or hardly shining at all before dipping beneath a frozen horizon is positively intoxicating. Saturday is winter solstice in Alaska, and it’s time to wake […]

Alaska Zoo Lights Up Northern Nights

If there is one thing Alaskans take very seriously, it’s exterior illumination. From Ketchikan to Fairbanks and well beyond, Alaska residents can be seen tacking up strings of twinkling holiday lights soon after Halloween, if not before. It’s dark up here, and nothing lights up the night better than a little cheerful glimmer from the […]