More About the Talkeetna Roadhouse

Wow, tons of you enjoyed listening to guest Trisha Costello on yesterday’s Alaska Travelgram Show! I did too, and frankly sat there with my mouth hanging open as she talked about Talkeetna, the precious Talkeetna Roadhouse, and those fantastic menu offerings at her little home-away-from-home up north. With all the interest generated from Trisha’s appearance […]

“Countdown to Christmas” Continues…and Other Fun Stuff

Happy Monday! I am glad to say I am feeling fairly humanoid this morning after a week battling an influenza-type bug that put this AK Mom down. Whew, just in time for things to warm up, I’m back. A good thing, too, because AKontheGO is in the second week of our Countdown to Christmas fun, […]

Oh Christmas Tree, and our Countdown to Christmas!

AKontheGO is delighted to provide readers with our Countdown to Christmas! Every day between now and December 25th, we’ll be posting an outdoor-related, family-friendly activity for your crew to enjoy, together. Today, December 1, we’re kicking off the season with Christmas Tree Cutting! Yep, in the fashion of Clark Griswold (and hopefully more successful), we’re […]

Your Monday Morning Travel News, On-the-Go

A good Monday morning to all dedicated AKontheGO’ers, wherever you may be! I’m in a fine fettle this morning, as my Scottish father-in-law would say. AK Kid is back in school, the snow is piled up outside all fluffy and white, and there’s a ton of deals and opportunities right here next to me and […]

A True Blue Fun Friday!

No “Black Friday” for AK Fam. No Siree, this crew’s going outside to enjoy that 10 inches of fluffy, fresh, and positively foofy (is that a word?) snow that fell and fell yesterday, releasing much of Alaska from its icy bondage. Mother Nature wrapped up a neat little pre-holiday package for families across the state, […]

“Wild Wednesday” or, Where to Go When You Can’t Go to School

Mommy. Must. Have. School. Needs. Her. Sanity. Back. Is this you? Are you stumbling around the house, negotiating remote controls and refereeing fights over who gets the last of the Cap’n Crunch this morning? I will add cursing Mother Nature and the skating rink-quality ice she left behind after three days of rain in Alaska. […]

Happy Monday, So Gear Up, Anchorage!

Despite all weather reports to the contrary, ski and snowshoe season has arrived full-swing into the consciousness of many Alaskan parents, and our little email account has been abuzz with requests for rental resources. Where do we find the proper gear? How much will this cost us? Season, or weekly rental? Here are a few […]

Fun Friday in Alaska: Are you Ready?

Earlier this week we asked how many AKontheGOer’s were stashing skis, sleds, and/or snowshoes on front porches or in car carriers in anticipation of a big snowfall. Response was swift and sure as a big old dump of white stuff came dashing across the Chugach range and into Anchorage last weekend. We’re happy, how about […]

Let It Snow! Fun Friday Activities for a Winter Wonderland

I spent the early morning hours running the dryer in the hopes AK Kid’s snowsuit would be a little less damp for the ride to school. Whew, that was some kind of snowstorm, but just right for snowman-making, snowball-throwing goodness in the sparkling Alaskan evening, and we’ve got more of that ahead for a weekend […]

Ski Train Returns!

Hooray, hooray, the famous Anchorage Ski Train has returned, thanks to a cooperative effort between the Nordic Ski Association of Anchorage and our friends at the Alaska Railroad! Since 1972, with a break of only last year, the Ski Train has taken skiers of all ages on a day-long excursion into winter paradise. Grandview and Curry […]