Give Thanks for a Bounty of Alaska Family Fun

It’s been a beautiful weekend, so far. Spending time with both my children, frolicking in the quiet, snowy forest, I am reminded once again what a blessed life I lead. It is my sincere hope that your weekend has been equally beautiful; let’s add to the fun, shall we? Alaska is ready to kick off […]

Hot Spots for a Cool Alaska Family Christmas

Perhaps it is the feathery snowflakes falling outside, or maybe I’m just a sentimental sort of gal, but it’s time to talk up the Alaska holiday travel season. Loyal AKontheGO readers know how much I beat the drum for investing in meaningful travel experiences instead of stuff, and this year I’m determined to encourage all […]

Welcome to Fun Friday at AKontheGO!

Whew, are we ever glad to see Friday pop up like a spring crocus. Such a week! Between chipping away six inches of ice from my driveway and encouraging water running from my gutters to flow away from the house and not into the baasement, I’m pooped. I’m also ready for a little family fun; […]

Fun Friday: Rondy, Jr. Iditarod, and More!

It’s an active weekend, AKontheGO’ers, with wintertime fun busting out all over. Beginning today, events center around a last hurrah to cold and dark, as the days begin to edge ever-closer to spring. We’re not quite there, not yet, but at least we can see signs of its impending arrival. One such event is the […]

Iditarod and Kids: “Woof, Ruff, Yippeee!”

I remember a story in my fourth grade reader about the Serum Run to Nome during the great diptheria outbreak of 1925. Balto and his fellow pups became forever etched in my mind that day, so when AK Fam made the big move to Alaska in 2005, my first order of business was to introduce […]

AKontheGO Fun Friday Roundup for February 17-20

It is going to be a GREAT weekend! I know this for several reasons. One, it’s light out past 6 p.m., and as any winter-weary Alaskan can tell you, that alone is cause for happy dancing in the slush-covered streets. Two, the lineup of special events happening in Alaska this weekend is simply incredible. Three, […]

Fur Rendezvous and Alaska’s Love Affair With Winter

It’s true, Alaskans do love winter. A good thing, too, since winter around here lasts anywhere from seven to nine months. Oh, we embrace summertime with the enthusiasm of a long lost love, to be sure, but there’s something about this frosty, sparkling-white season that brings out the best in 49th state residents. Like Fur […]

Fun Friday: AKontheGO’s Weekly Alaska Roundup

It’s going to be a fast and furious Fun Friday roundup, folks, because here at AK Hacienda, just in time for our first weekend back in Alaska – we have a lovely bout of strep taking up residence in AK Kid. Poor darling, he so wanted to go to school today. Begged me, even. Why? […]

Aloha, Alaska! A Tropical Fun Friday From AKontheGO

Tropical greetings from the lush, humid, and oh-so-incredibly-warm island of Oahu! This was our breakfast this morning; famous Hawaiian sweet bread, fresh fruit, and Kona coffee. Delish! We now return you to your regularly schedule Alaska-themed Fun Friday, with many wonderful opportunities to hop outside and enjoy wintertime with your kids. I’ve been innundated with […]

Tubing On a Saturday Afternoon: Arctic Valley Ski Area’s Newest Attraction

Let me begin by saying every adult  should have an opportunity to return to his or her youth once in a while. Let me also say there is nothing wrong with shrieking with laughter or throwing one’s head back and looking at bright, blue sky and saying unabashedly ” This does not suck.” That was […]

AKontheGO’s Fun Friday Alert! Tubing, Snowshoeing, and More

It may be a frigid -15 in Anchorage this morning, but by golly, the outdoor family fun around Alaska continues, even up in Fairbanks, where my pals report temperatures as low as -45F. Yikes! Go to it, AKontheGO’ers, let’s show the world what we’re made of…Bring on Fun Friday, proudly sponsored by Alaska Center for […]