Alaska Weather: Sometimes it’s a waiting game

It’s hard for many Alaska visitors to wrap their heads around summer in the 49th state. While their home state may be sweltering in a heat wave of epic proportions, Alaskans might be wishing for sunshine and temperatures above 55F. Or not. Alaska weather is both unpredictable and beautiful, and should in no way interfere […]

Alaska Railroad Glacier Discovery Train: Outdoor options for the whole family

One of Alaska’s best attributes is the unique partnerships that develop among vendors in the travel and tourism industry. It’s no surprise, given the depth and breadth of activities, and so many ways to reinvent outdoor experiences to meet the demands of a diverse visitor demographic. That said, it always makes me smile when someone […]

Mother’s Day and Doing the Right Thing, Even When It’s Difficult

This essay originally appeared in Alaska Magazine last year. In honor of Mother’s Day, and mothers in general, it is my gift to strong women everywhere (human or otherwise) who sometimes need to do really, really hard things for the sake of their children.   “My Alaska Adventure” (Alaska Magazine, April 2013) I shared breathing […]

Disneynature’s BEARS movie: My “official” review

Good Monday morning, AKontheGO’ers! I’ve returned from a busy weekend in Homer, Alaska, where Disneynature’s BEARS movie took a Hollywood-style center stage. After a select few hundred Homerites and guests were among the privileged to view a special screening of BEARS  on Thursday night, many parents have asked for a review of the film’s appropriateness […]

Disneynature BEARS: “Somewhere incredible”

After two summers of on-scene filming and thousands of hours spent wading through footage, Disneynature’s BEARS is set to open this week on Earth Day. In just over 70 minutes, moviegoers will be able to capture an intimate view of three Alaskan coastal brown bears making their way in an often unpredictable and unreliable world […]

Gray Whale-Watching in Alaska: Two options for families

Spring in Alaska is a WHALE of a lot of fun. Gray whale-watching, to be exact. AKontheGO has headed south in the past to explore the warm, sunny climate of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula and the Alaska residents who snowbird down there. No, not humans. Whales. Beautiful gray whales. Gray whales migrate 5,000 miles between Mexico […]

Alaska National Parks Junior Ranger Program: Helping kids get up and go

Note: There is nothing quite like exploring a national park, but exploring an Alaska national park brings adventure to a whole new level. We love our National Park Service, love what they represent, and for who. Below is my latest post for, explaining the details behind the NPS’ popular Junior Ranger program. Between the […]

Alaska Wildlife: Four great places for winter critter viewing with kids

Cool Fact: Not all Alaskan animals hibernate during our long, cold winters. Bigger Cool Fact: Winter can be one of the best seasons for viewing critters, especially with kids. Alaska’s wild animals possess an amazing ability to survive and thrive in an often harsh environment where food can be scarce September through May. Taking advantage […]

Hiking Campbell Creek Estuary: Anchorage’s newest outdoor space for families

We don’t always need miles and miles of trail to take advantage of outdoor time as a family. Anchorage’s Campbell Creek Estuary, located on a coastline near the southwestern fringe of town, is one of those spaces. This wooded section of property is the newest in a collection of efforts to protect, preserve, and promote […]

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and Families Just Go Together

The writer George Eliot said,  “Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms,” which, if you think about it, makes a place like the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center a pretty meaningful experience. Dedicated, passionate, and almost eerily in tune with their charges, staff and intern teams at AWCC feel a sense […]

Alaska Zoo Discovery Tour Appeals to Teen Travelers

This post was written by AKontheGO intern, Bella, who has been working hard this summer (read: enjoying the sunshine and family fun) at learning the ropes about the exciting world of travel journalism.  Teenage Pro Tip: It can be hard to find something to engage the 13-18 crowd while on vacation. I ought to know; […]