Williams Reindeer Farm Provides an Early Mother’s Day Gift

Each spring, when the leaves are just beginning to unfurl, and robins twitter around in my backyard, I get a call from Denise at the Williams Reindeer Farm in Palmer. “Babies are on the way, when would you like to come out?” I love babies of any species, but there’s just something so endearing about […]

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center Wood Bison: Release is nearly here!

The public has one final chance to see a herd of 100 threatened Wood bison at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center before they are released in a historic effort to restore their numbers in Alaska. Wood bison, on of two subspecies of American bison (Plains bison are the other), and used to roam the meadowlands […]

Alaska Zoo Events in March

The Alaska Zoo has long been a resource for animal education in the Anchorage area, with an overarching theme of conservation and protection of species that reside in the circumpolar north. It’s the only zoo in Alaska, too, drawing thousands of visitors annually, thanks to a year-round opportunity to view a wide variety of creatures […]

Must-Do Family Experiences – Southcentral Alaska

This is the second in an occasional series of posts showcasing the “gotta-do” activities in Alaska, divided up by region. The first area I explored was Southeast Alaska and the communities of Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka, and such. Now, I move north. ~Erin K Alaska visitors almost always make a stop in the state’s most populated […]

Three Reasons to Visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center This Winter

During a bustling summer tourist season, the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage draws thousands of visitors eager to catch more than a glimpse of their favorite 49th state critter. Across the grassy, brushy land near the Placer River at the end of Turnagain Arm, AWCC is the kind of place most guests to Alaska […]

Denali National Park: What you need to know for an autumn visit

Before you read any further, ponder this fact for a moment: Denali National Park encompasses six million acres, and there is but one road in or out. One narrow, dirt road that bisects the space, shared by thousands of eager visitors each year. And we got to drive it. Denali National Park is by far […]

Dawn Dish Soap & a Day in the Wildlife: Making a difference

Alaskans will not soon forget the image; thousands of sea birds and marine creatures floundering in mucky, sticky, foul-smelling oil drizzled and dumped in pristine Prince William Sound after the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill. Some were saved, but many, many were not. I didn’t really care, then, that a dish soap played a part. […]

Denali National Park Road Lottery: We’re last-minute winners (sort of)

I receive a lot of fabulous messages from AKontheGO readers, but the one that cycled through the Facebook page on Wednesday afternoon had AK Fam hollering with excitement. “We won the Denali National Park Road Lottery, but have to make an unexpected trip abroad, unfortunately. Do you know anyone who might want it? Do YOU […]

Take a Tour of a Musk Ox Farm in Palmer

  With a call not unlike that of a bear cub, the little musk ox calf staggered toward the fence line, eager for his share of the proffered fistful of grass from an eager young visitor. “Always hungry,” said our tour guide. “Always, always hungry. That’s all they want these days – food.” I had […]

AK Mom’s Annual Zen at Hallo Bay Wilderness Camp

It is, perhaps, a great irony that someplace so full of raw, untouched wildness, life, and death could be the very setting bringing me the most peace. I’m never really sure whether the intense bursts of adrenaline and miles of hiking are the reason behind my serene smile of utter contentment, or if it’s simply […]