Sailing South on the Alaska Marine Highway

Alaska’s famed Inside Passage is best explored by boat, so that’s just what we’re going to do. AKontheGO is ready to embark on the last leg of a southeast Alaska adventure aboard the steady ‘blue canoes’ of the Alaska Marine Highway System, or AMHS, sailing this morning from Juneau, and arriving in Bellingham, WA early […]

Alaska Marine Highway System Has Golden Tickets! Enter and Win in 2013

Move over, Charlie Bucket. The Alaska Marine Highway System turns 50 in 2013 and is offering 12 specical Golden Tickets to lucky winners, and you don’t even have to go digging in a gutter to find them! Family travel via one of our favorite modes of transportation just got a whole lot funner (oh, wait, that’s […]

Alaska’s “Little Norway” Welcomes Your Family: Visiting Petersburg

Distant from the cruise ship routes, the quaint village of Petersburg, Alaska is a wonderful stop for family travelers seeking a bit of local culture and simple kid fun. Located in southeast Alaska on Mitkof Island, in beautiful Frederick Sound, Petersburg has managed to stave off the hordes of visitors who frequent other Inside Passage […]

Alaska Family Fun Continues: Where to Find the Action This Weekend

Just look at what AK Fam found yesterday aboard a Stan Stephens Glacier and Wildlife Cruise! An entire whale was attached to that tail, and he/she was one big creature cruising around the chilly waters of Prince William Sound. This is what Alaska family travel is all about – scenes like this. Don’t you love it? […]

Why I Love the Alaska Marine Highway: AKontheGO Heads to Valdez

“Look, Mommy! There’s a whole field of icebergs – I hope we don’t sink!!” My son’s screechy voice carried across the far reaches of the ferry as if spit from a bullhorn. Too many Titanic movies had made him very iceberg-aware; although, in fairness to our excellent crew, perhaps not presented in the manner he […]

Alaska Experience, 2011: AKontheGO Reviews the Year

This was going to be a typical “Top Five” list.  AK Fam had already engaged in a number of spirited conversations, arguing and pleading and lobbying for favorite destinations to achieve AKontheGO-greatness. But we couldn’t agree. AK Dad, Kid, and I were busy in 2011, traveling in all directions to expand our sense of adventure, […]

Whales and Wildlife in Juneau: Orca Enterprises Teaches and Entertains

Alaskans do love their critters. From creekside to tundra, sea to shining sea, animals are an integral part of Alaska’s beautiful tapestry. Why, just this morning I witnessed a mammoth traffic jam due to a mama moose and her yearling calf ambling across a major Anchorage arterial; where else could one find that on the […]

Sitka, Part Two. Family Travel in Southeast Alaska

Our family loop-de-do through southeast Alaska covered just about every historical, cultural, and physical aspect of the “Evergreen Coast.” In two weeks of exploring five distinctly different communities, I realized how much I didn’t know about my state. Visiting southeast Alaska via the Inside Passage as our annual family vacation was not just a fabulous […]

Keepin’ It Real in Wrangell, Alaska

When former Wrangell mayor Bruce Harding invited me into his office to “talk” about my reason for infiltrating this tiny town of a few thousand, I knew I’d met my mental match. Many journalists come to Wrangell, said Bruce, but few actually end up writing about it. But then, he conceded, not many are actually […]

Magical Family Time Aboard Alaska State Ferries

If I close my eyes, I can transport myself back a hundred years. The deep, steady rhythm of engines churning their way through the Alaska’s Inside Passage is much the same today as it was back in the late 1800’s, when a gold rush brought thousands to the Last Frontier. Our family is spending two […]

Charmed By Sitka: Part One

In a state with so much emphasis on “the new,” it was nice to land in Sitka, where everything is old. Old land, old traditions, and ancient history. Man has been in Sitka for more than 8,000 years, and it is through oral history and documents from later settlers that we learn why this island […]