Happy New Year! Kids, how about creating a tree full of wishes?

Tonight’s the night, guys and gals! With 12 bell taps, 2014 is officially in the history books, and 2015 slides in to bring your family a whole new year of exciting opportunities. Just think about it; you can go anywhere, do anything, or be anybody you want, starting NOW. I was going to write a […]

Sitka Spruce: Alaska state tree is a prickly partner for many industries

Someone asked me this week why Alaska’s state tree could not be used for a Christmas tree. My answer: “Have you ever tried to carry one of those? Ouch!” The Sitka spruce (or Picea sitchensis) is the tallest in the spruce family, and looks quite noble towering above its cousin the Black spruce in Southcentral […]

Let it SNOW! Fun facts about Alaska’s signature weather pattern

How much do you know about snow? In Alaska, snow usually starts falling in late October or early November, but some years (like 2014) the snow arrives very late, indeed. At our home in Anchorage, snow finally started falling last Saturday, and AK Kid is busy sledding, building forts, and wrestling around in his favorite […]

Amazing Moose Facts!

Perhaps no other animal is as visible around Alaska as the moose. Tall, gangly, and with the look of a horse gone horribly wrong, moose are the largest members of the deer family, and inhabit many areas of our 49th state. While bears receive most of the attention for their power and good looks, moose […]

Curious About Alaska’s Midnight Sun?

Alaska #FunFact:  Due to Alaska’s location on the planet, we receive a lot more sunlight, or darkness, than the rest of the United States. Depending upon where an Alaskan lives, the days can be extremely long, up to 23 hours during the summertime; they can also be extremely short, like in the far north community […]

Polar Bear


Happy weekend! Q: What do polar bears love to eat? A: Burrrrrrrrritos! Looks as if this guy doesn’t like our sense of humor…. Visit the Kids’ Corner every week for a new joke, interesting fact, or fun photo about Alaska! ~EK

Earth Day and the Wonder of it All

Happy Earth Day, everyone! This is the day to spend celebrating, enjoying, and nurturing our precious resources and the terra firma upon which we live. Now more than ever, it’s critical to educate and inform our children so that they may grow up to become stewards of the only planet (so far) to sustain humanity.  […]