TSA and Autism: Navigation tips you need

How do you get a young person with autism through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) maze? We’ve got tips. Our family is one of thousands in the United States managing life on the autism spectrum. In our case, it is Big AK Kid, who, at 24, may not be considered a kid by societal standards, […]

Travel With Mental Illness: Yes, we can

Our family is made up of four people. Four individuals with distinct expectations, likes, dislikes, and habits. One of our family members, however, lives with mental illness. Big AK Kid is 19 now, and gave me permission to write about how it feels to hit the road and hopefully not have the road hit back. […]

Monday Musings: Accessibility, Part 2

Not one to recuperate in the traditional fashion, AK Dad continues to surprise us with interesting and sometimes scary new diagnoses that keep me running around like a crazy woman. Last Friday he decided to allow his blood to stop flowing freely through his veins and landed himself in the hospital with a pulmonary embolism. […]