Be Forwarned, Passengers: TSA “Reconfigures” SeaTac

Attention all Seattle-Tacoma International Airport  passengers: The TSA  is reconfiguring, and we all need to be ready.

As my travel cohort and co-host, Scott McMurren stated yesterday on our splendiferous Alaska Travelgram Show, Sea-Tac’s North Checkpoint is undergoing major renovations from now until next week and is closed. Why? Body scanning, baby.

Yes, it’s arrived at our favorite D Gates, folks, where most of Alaska Airlines’ flights arrive and depart. No worries if we fly from the 49th state and connect to a flight within the terminal area, but for those whose destinations lie in or around the Emerald City, pay attention.

Arrive early. Like, two hours early. Passengers whose flights depart from the D Gates (Alaska, Horizon, and United) will be directed to an alternate checkpoint for security detail, which means a little extra running around. Have the kids with you? Be sure to have everybody fed, changed, and dressed for our friends with TSA; that means empty pockets, easy-off/on shoes, and toys all put away in the backpack.

And those body scanners? That’s another story. But I’m not ready to bare all, yet. HA.

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