Anchorage Mayor’s Marathon: Exercising Vacation

We all know what it is like to go on a vacation where we eat, drink, lay around, go to bed, and do it all over again the next day. Fortunately, for those who choose to recreate in and around Alaska, such days are few and far between. Even more so for the 3,000 or […]

Hatcher Pass: Golden For Many Reasons

Let’s begin by thanking God for Robert L. Hatcher, for without this sourdough’s steadfast belief that there was gold in them thar hills, Hatcher Pass would be but another nameless area on the map of Alaska. Hatcher filed the first gold hard rock claim in 1906, and led the way for a rich chapter in […]

We Hear the Train A’Comin

Much of my youth was spent on the overnight Amtrak train from Seattle to Missoula, Montana. Just about every summer, we would board the train for one of our favorite ways to get across the West, via choo choo. Now that I am all grown up and have two sons, it is no surprise that […]

Cruises for Every Budget: Now’s the Time

Holy buffet line, Batman! Cruise lines, in an effort to attract passengers during tough economic times, are offering whopping good deals on cruises beginning in May. Even if you think you are not a “cruise” type of person, fearing you’ll be innundated by cheesy cruise directors, philosophical bartenders, or grumpy older passengers, you might change […]

To Kid or Not to Kid: For Some, That’s the Big Question

Making the trek to Alaska with the whole family is kind of like deciding to have children. When? Can we afford it? Is this going to be more work than fun? Are we there yet? Good questions, considering the effort involved to get up here in the first place and given the current state of […]

Sunshine on the Slopes: Alyeska Delivers

Don’t pack away those skis yet! While Lower 48 ski resorts prepare for end-of-season activities, Alyeska Resort is still going strong, anticipating an end of April closing date. The best, steepest, and most scenic ski area in Alaska, Alyeska provides miles and miles of unparalleled views coupled with slopes that rival those of Colorado, Utah, […]

Seashore, Seashells, Seascape: Homer Has it All

Of all the excursions we have taken since moving to Alaska, Homer ranks at the very tippy top for family fun. Ocean breezes, lapping waves, screeching birds, and some of the best fishing the state has to offer. Located at the end of the Sterling Highway about 225 miles south of Anchorage, on the Kenai […]

Jingle All the Way…

‘Over the River and Through the Woods’, in a ‘Marshmallow World’. The fam had a terrific time last Sunday afternoon in the company of some four-footed friends. Horse Trekkin Alaska, a Summer and Winter horseback riding and driving outfit based right here in Anchorage, gave us a little taste of old-time Alaska mingled with some […]

Woodsy Winter Wonderlands

Before I launch into the treasures of winter hiking around Anchorage, there is a message I must deliver to the brown bruin seen wandering Far North Bicentennial Park on Saturday. “Get the heck back in bed and don’t let me catch you up again until April or you’ll be sorry!” We mothers have such a […]

Mush to Anchorage for the ‘Last Great Race’

The biggest dog party of the year is set to begin Saturday, March 7th in downtown Anchorage. The Iditarod Sled Dog Race, made famous by Balto and 19 of his closest dog friends during the diptheria epidemic in 1920’s Nome, is a testament to the enduring spirit of the sled dog and his person. We […]

Revved For Rondy: Annual Winter Funfest Kicks Off Feb. 27

Who doesn’t love a carnival? Rides, food, contests of wit and strength, and in this case, fur hats, mittens, and dozens of howling sled dogs, with with a few reindeer thrown in for good measure.  Step right up, folks. Entering its 75th year of entertaining winter-weary Alaskans, Fur Rendezvous  is set to begin yet another stellar “beginning to […]