Workin’ in a Gold Mine

AKontheGO Kid’s favorite movie is ‘Snow White’, not for the princess factor, of course (blech), but for the scene where the intrepid Seven Dwarves are dig, dig, diggety, digging away in their mine, where ‘a million diamonds shine’. Hi Ho, Hi Ho. Giving into the child’s pleadings to stop at the Indian Valley Mine along […]

Cruise Update: Knowing Before We Are Going

The pre-cruise madness continues here in Alaska as AKontheGO Fam makes more arrangements for upcoming trip. In a flurry of activity we have begun to put the framework of the cruising week together in a way even I might understand. Holland America has adopted an online option (more than simply an option, for the line […]

Whistle Stop to Paradise: Chugach via Alaska Railroad

There are trips to take in Alaska and then there are trips. AkontheGO Fam spent last Friday nestled in the beauty of the Last Frontier thanks to a unique and incredibly wise partnership between the Alaska Railroad and the U.S. Forest Service. With an appropriate theme of “Ride the Rail and Hit the Trail”, the […]

Double-Good Reason to Celebrate the 4th in Alaska

I could make it a triple-good reason to celebrate this Independence Day, what with all this good weather we’ve been having in the southcentral area. Shoot, we could be anywhere Lower 48 for all this sunshine; AK Kid even has a farmer tan. We’re going to whoop it up this weekend as Alaska partners the […]

Anchorage Hotel is Simply ‘Grand’

AKontheGO Fam is adamant about one thing when searching out places to rest our weary heads on vacation; accommodation. As in ‘accommodate’. As in kid-friendly, kid-worthy, and kid-aware. Some hotels in downtown Anchorage are a bit stuffy and unwelcoming to the younger set, banking on guests who have money and time to lounge about their […]

A Ton of Fun at Festivals and Fairs This Weekend

Gee, but there is a lot going on this weekend. Kilted miles, grand openings, hero games; it’s all happening in and around Anchorage. AKontheGO fam is set to do our part to support local festivals and events, so here is a short list of fun for the whole family. In true reverence for AKontheGO Dad’s […]

Glacier Turn Added to Salmon Berry Tours

I am taking another “turn” at mentioning Candice and her Salmon Berry Tours company because Candice and the rapidly-expanding crew of expert guides are now offering another option to the already-popular “Turnagain Turn” tour. The “Glacier Turn” day tour, at 6+ hours, provides a little bit more for the visitior to Alaska by adding in […]

Ship to Shore and More: Cruise Prep 101

Okay, so I will be the first to admit that I am a bit over the top when it comes to preparing for a vacation. I like to know when, where, what, and why of all aspects of a trip; poor preparation, I believe, can lead to vacation disappointment, especially with kids. AKontheGO Fam is […]

Machines That Built Alaska

The Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry is a Man-Place. At least that’s what AK Dad says. What other attraction in Alaska could provide so many men and boys with so many big toys? Over 20 acres of said toys, to be exact. But, psst, moms, grandmas, sisters, and aunties; there’s plenty for we women […]

Wildlife and Tranquility at Potter Marsh

In search of a little quiet time in the midst of a busy week, I turned the AKontheGO car south on the Seward Highway and ended up at one of my favorite spots in Anchorage; Potter Marsh. A popular spot for visitors coming into or out of Anchorage and local folks wanting, as I did, […]

Alaska Ocean Festival in Review

Really, it could not have been a better afternoon. Glorious sunshine, fun people, and a kid who wanted not only to ride the bucking salmon, but who stayed on and impressed all the big folks. The Alaska Center for the Environment indeed pulled out all the stops. Maybe Mother Nature had a hand in securing […]