ATT Samsung Galaxy S6 Active: Sturdy and durable for busy families



A sponsored post on behalf of ATT.

Move over, iPhone, Samsung’s got a sleek competitor jockeying for pole position in the smart device market. ATT provided me with a new Samsung Galaxy S6 Active a few weeks ago, and it’s getting an Alaska-style workout.

Remember that Kyocera DuraForce I tried out this summer? While I loved its durability for my busy outdoor lifestyle (think kayaking, bushwhacking, and biking), Kyocera wrapped that phone in so many layers it felt too bulky for everyday use, and the camera wasn’t up to the standard I’m used to as a dedicated Samsung user.

The Galaxy S6, though, when sent up from the ATT regional office in Seattle, arrived in a box so light I wondered if my contact had forgotten the device. Sleek and smooth, the 5.1 inch display screen with HD clarity immediately felt far less weighty and far more visually appealing than the contractor-style Kyocera. No less durable, however, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, the latest version of the popular Galaxy line is meant to be water resistant and rugged against accidental drops on a hiking trail or splashes from an incoming salmon.




The phone fits nicely in a back pocket or pack insert, and quickly provides users with outstanding performance Samsung customers have come to respect. With a shock-resistant outer layer and  options for quick power-ups (Try the Ultra Power Saving Mode for quickly gathering juice immediately, or the Fast- Charging Mode for 50% power in just 40 minutes), this device also provides users with the ability to wirelessly charge in situations where (oops) a charging cord or outlet is not available, but wifi is. That said, the battery power alone for standard use is more than adequate, with at least five hours of continuous data usage available for uploading photos, tweeting, Facebooking, sharing, and chatting.

My favorite feature, however, is not the cool charge, or the sleek style; it’s the camera. Two cameras, 16mp rear and 5 mp front provide clear, sharp images that look spectacular as a humpback whale breaches or the kids schuss down a ski slope. Editing options, great video, and a wealth of filters complete the package, and for people like me who rely upon phone photos for print, web, and social media media, it simply stunning.

Visit your local ATT store to test the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, or go to the ATT website for more details and a comparison of other ATT/Samsung products to best fit your needs.

Active moms-on-the-go; I’m sold.




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  1. I love Samsung over Iphones. Samsungs are use friendly device for me and sturdy as well 🙂 It is indeed durable especially for me with a baby that’s always on the go mom.

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