Anchorage Museum Thomas Planetarium Reopens April 21

The Thomas Planetarium has been renovated and visitors are welcome to explore on International Astronomy Day, Saturday April 21.

Attention Alaskans and would-be Alaska visitors! The Anchorage Museum Thomas Planetarium will officially reopen on Saturday, April 21 after an exended renovation period. 

International Astronomy Day is a fun way to not only introduce kids to stars and planets, it’s also a great opportunity to embrace the concept that there is far, far more to us, and our universe, than we ever imagined. 

“Astronomy Day will allow people to feed their astronomy curiosity with hands-on activities and telescope observing,” says Science and Planetarium Program Specialist Aaron Slonecker.” Local scientists from various fields will be here to answer questions and show off fascinating science concepts related to astronomy. Adds Slonecker, “Our planetarium shows delve further into concepts of light, our sun, the interactions of the Earth-Moon system. And our “Seeing” planetarium show is narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson, which is an awesome thing, in my opinion.”

Featuring new seating and enhanced projection, visitors wil embark on an amazing journey to the stars in the new planetarium space. Through 3-D graphics, surround sound and a dome screen, the facility offers a fascinating way to learn about astronomy, the solar system and more.

The planetarium is home to a wide variety of interactive astronomy demonstrations, educational programs and films. See the monthly schedule

The Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center has become a fixture of downtown exploration for residents and visitors alike. Image courtesy Anchorage Museum.

International Astronomy Day events: click here for the schedule. Incidentially, it’s also FREE admission for kids, thanks for a citywide Kids Day event. 

Cost: Planetarium tickets are normally between $4 and $10, but on April 21, they are HALF OFF! 

Seating: The facility has 39 seats and is completely accessible. Be forewarned for Saturday — there are likely to be lines, so my recommendation is get there ASAP.

Can’t make it April 21? Workshops and other activities are available to school/civic groups September through May. 

How do they do this astronomy magic? The Thomas Planetarium features a state-of-the-art Digitarium Kappa Fixed model digital system. The images are immersive and displayed on a 180-degree dome that’s 24 feet in diameter. Whoa. 

Need general museum information? Visit HERE for all the latest on exhibitions, classes, summer camps, and special events. 








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